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So basically this is just a facial waxing followed by lots of x-rays. Actually, I’ll bet this works. Most people who have been exposed to large doses of radiation do not have to worry about shaving, or combing their hair, or brushing their teeth.


Shaving beards from men’s faces, has been accomplished by a special mudlike paste that is undergoing experiments at the hands of a New York doctor. After the mass has been applied, it hardens and is torn off. To finish the operation, X-rays are then directed against the skin. The originator of the method claims that it is beneficial and if used regularly will remove scars and similar marks of long standing. It is also said that the sticky treatment does not leave any ill effects on tender skins.


Looks like the Gillette Fusion isn’t really that new after all. Plus, this razor never, ever needs to be sharpened! The wouldn’t lie to me, right?

Five blades, instead of one, are used in a new type of safety razor introduced by a French inventor. One stroke of the razor across the face is said to remove every trace of hair in its path. The speed of the resulting shave is enhanced by the fact that the razor need not be taken apart after shaving. It is merely rinsed under the faucet and screwed, head down, in its special case. The blades require no sharpening, according to the maker, and will give good service indefinitely.

Rock-A-By Razor (Apr, 1948)

Rock-A-By Razor

This nonelectric razor gives you a dry shave when you hold it against the skin and rock it gently back and forth. Its two blades, explains the British manufacturer, cut the whiskers by a scissors movement. At the same time the guard sharpens the blades, and is said to give them a life of several years. The blades, moving in a half circle, crop the beard bristles that project through the perforated guard shown above.

New Electric Shaver Held Like Straight Razor (Mar, 1938)

New Electric Shaver Held Like Straight Razor

Held in the same position as a straightedge razor, a new electric shaver has a cutter which oscillates in a rotary manner, operating more like a mower
than a clipper.

Machine Dispenses Shave For 10 Cents (Mar, 1937) (Mar, 1937)

Machine Dispenses Shave For 10 Cents

Deposit ten cents in this machine, turn a knob and out conies a shave. The device, shown with its creator, A.G-Magansol of New York City, delivers a complete shaving kit which contains everything from razor to lather plus a towel, talcum and powder puff.

Handle Opens One-Piece Razor (Jan, 1935) (Jan, 1935)

Handle Opens One-Piece Razor
HAILED as distinctly revolutionary in design, a new one-piece safety razor has been placed on the market.
Compactly built, the razor has no separate parts and is said to be extremely simple in operation. A twist of the handle opens the cap of the razor to receive the blade. Another twist closes the blade receptacle, preparatory to shaving. The appearance of the razor is enhanced by a plating of gold.

Delusions About Shaving (Jan, 1933) (Jan, 1933)

Delusions About Shaving

By J. G. Pratt

The author of this article has gained an international reputation for his remarkable work in high-powered microscopic photography, as Scientific Photographer for the Bureau of Entomology, U. S. Department of Agriculture, Washington, D. C. This article was prepared by special arrangement with the editors of this publication.

AMONG countless thousands of men who shave every morning before breakfast, probably few phases of the process equal in importance the factor of one’s own imagination.

In the following paragraphs it is not my intention to criticise any one’s personal habits, but merely to present a few scientific facts to help the man who does his own shaving, and perhaps guide him in the purchase of new razor accessories.

Safety Razor (Nov, 1934) (Nov, 1934)

Safety Razor
HERE is a razor which is said to do its job in any shaving position. The blades, coated with a mineral oil, come in a handy cartridge, and it becomes merely necessary to insert a small tab in the side of the razor, move a small sliding grip, and a new blade is automatically inserted into the holder, while the old blade is ejected. The change is instantaneous. Five blades before the cartridge is emptied, a non-shaving blank appears to remind you to purchase new blades.