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Choosing your Camera (Jun, 1946)

Choosing your Camera

In a quandary about what camera to buy? Decide to what class of picture-taker yon belong and then choose.

By Robert Brightman

SO YOU have been bitten by the photo bug, now that photographic equipment is again available? You’re out to buy a camera? Well and good. Which one then? Oh, you’ve got a friend who owns a camera and he is going to help you make your choice. Fine. Well, you can rest assured that you are going to buy a camera like your friend’s, one very similar to it, or else you are going to buy the camera your friend covets. For such is the way of the photo bug.


Jewelry sales soared when Juno Products Co. of Cleveland began sell-service mart

Wholesale buyers put selected baubles in baskets, pay for them at check-out counter.



This modern version of the old-time huckster who hawked his farm produce from door to door has been put in operation by Morton Salter in Los Angeles residential streets. The traveling grocery store is a converted bus with all the fittings of a busy, modern market, and follows a regular route.

Mechanical Grocery Store Walks Around the Customer (Jul, 1933)

It works for sushi, why not groceries?

Mechanical Grocery Store Walks Around the Customer

INSTEAD of tiring herself out walking around the store and selecting what she wants from the shelves, the housewife who patronizes the newest type of grocery sits down comfortably while the store “walks around” her. Literally, of course, it doesn’t quite do that, but the entire stock of the store passes before her on an endless belt and she merely picks out what she wants, placing the items in a bin beneath a stationary counter, as shown in the illustration at right. When she has completed her purchases, she presses a button. The bin goes to a wrapping room.

Tomorrow’s Store Today (Jan, 1948)

Tomorrow’s Store Today

Foley’s is designed to channel the flow of incoming stock and outgoing customers and purchases with maximum efficiency.

DOWN in Houston, Texas, is what is said to be the most modern department store in the world. Foley’s is carefully planned to speed the flow of customers and merchandise. Shoppers park their cars in the garage and walk through a tunnel to the store. All purchases go down a chute to the basement and travel on a belt conveyor to the sorting ring in the garage. Each customer’s bundles are waiting for him when he is ready to drive out. The ten-million-dollar store is six stories high, but it has been so built that six more stories can be added if business increases and more space is needed.