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Children Learn to Run Typewriter in First Grade / Ski Jump (May, 1929)

I think my school started letting us learn to type on computers around the third grade. But that was around 1984 and we were using Commodore 64s. I presume it happens earlier, if not at home. That was also the year I got my first home computer, an Apple IIc.

Children Learn to Run Typewriter in First Grade

NEW YORK school authorities are experimenting with a new phase of elementary instruction in the Horace Mann school, New York City. Children of the first grade receive typing lessons as a part of the regular school curriculum.

It is the theory of educators who are performing the experiment that such instruction, while children are beginning to learn the alphabet, will be exceedingly easy for them to master.

Midget Skis Set On Rollers (Sep, 1938)

At first glance, I wasn’t sure if the word “midget” applied to the skis or the skier.

Midget Skis Set On Rollers
COMBINING the best features of skiing and roller skating, a new sport of “ski-skooting” has developed through the adaptation of midget skis on rollers. Two rubber-tipped poles are used to propel the skier along the pavement. The midget skis are fastened to the user’s feet by means of stout straps.


I’m not much of a skier, but I wouldn’t mind driving that little bus around for a while. Travel agent is one of those jobs that I tend to have stereotyped as female in my head. I guess it used to be mostly men, or I’m just wrong.


from Skiing to Sightseeing

Expert, novice—or onlooker—it’s as much fun to watch as to ski yourself. Learn to ski—or hire a horse-drawn, bell-tinkling sleigh and. bundled in fur blankets, explore the trails. Come evening, gather by the fire, comparing adventures with gay international vacationists!

Skiing on Blistering Desert Is the Latest California Fad (Apr, 1934)

Skiing on Blistering Desert Is the Latest California Fad

IT IS now a common sight at fashionable Palm Springs, Calif., to see skiing parties enjoying their sport on the blistering desert sands.

Somebody recently inaugurated the fad of skiing down the long slopes that border the great California desert in the vicinity of Palm Springs. The Palm Springs Sand Ski club was soon organized and now skiing is a regular part of the daily pleasure routine.

Regular skiis are used. However, a piece of highly polished tin is attached to the running surface and this adds to the speed. Going down a fairly steep incline, it is possible for the sand ski enthusiast to attain a speed of about thirty miles per hour.

Ski Rack Fits on Car Running Board (Feb, 1940)

Ski Rack Fits on Car Running Board

Six pairs of skis and ski poles can easily be carried on the running board of an automobile with an inexpensive carrier now available. Skis are placed at an angle with their heels on the running board near the rear fender and their tips facing forward over the front fender. They are held in place by vertical metal arms that are fastened to the running board by hand-screw clamps.

Early Automatic Release Ski Bindings (Mar, 1947)


A ski binding that spring-cushions minor shocks and automatically releases the boot under abnormal strain is said to be an answer to the most common skiing hazards. In a bad spill the foot instantly snaps free. Tavi Products Inc., of New York, makes it to sell for about $10. It may be attached to any ski.