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Accounting Offices Drive Right Up to Your Door (Jul, 1940)

Accounting Offices Drive Right Up to Your Door

Bookkeeping on wheels is the odd and profitable business that makes a good living for C. M. Harris, of Los Angeles, Calif. Harris owns a fleet of light trucks, each manned by an expert accountant and outfitted as a rolling office with a typewriter, calculator, bookkeeping machine, and other necessary office equipment.

Drug Store for Sick Pooches (Nov, 1954)

Drug Store for Sick Pooches

Doctor Tarr’s business went to the dogs in its first year and he grossed $30,000 with it.

“HOW to get rich?” is an ever recurring XI question, and one reasonable answer, contributed by Henry Kaiser, the famous industrialist and speed king of ship builders, is: “Render a needed new service.”

models to order (Aug, 1951)

models to order

Just dream up a gadget and the Slonim brothers will make you a model. They’ve already sold over 10 million miniatures to the U.S. armed forces.

By Harry Kursh

TWO brothers were responsible for the greatest combined Army-Navy catastrophe in America’s wartime history. In one day, two U.S. Navy submarines and their supply ship were mistakenly bombed and destroyed by a flight of B-25’s. Not far away, a squadron of Navy TBF’s was obliterated by a shattering volley from anti-aircraft guns.