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Jokes to Play on Smokers (Jun, 1933)

Jokes to Play on Smokers

Several cigarettes are strung together in manner shown. Taking one, takes the whole string

With a razor blade, several cigarettes are cut into small bits and then stuck upright on a piece of cardboard that fits the box snugly. Trying to take one brings a laugh

Invalid “Fed” Cigarettes on a Stick (Mar, 1938)

Invalid “Fed” Cigarettes on a Stick

Because a patient with two broken arms was unable to hold a cigarette, authorities in a St. Louis, Mo., hospital devised the odd six-foot holder pictured at the right. A roommate lights a cigarette, places it in a hole in the end of the stick, and holds it to his friend’s lips. To raise his body for the purpose, he uses a support suspended above his bed, as shown. A nail in the end of the holder is used to feed the patient candy.

Trained Cockroach Smuggles Smokes (Jun, 1938)

Trained Cockroach Smuggles Smokes
How a prisoner in solitary confinement received forbidden cigarettes was revealed by Amarillo, Tex., jail officials. Inmates tied a cigarette and match to the back of a trained cockroach, which smuggled them into the cell.


Gee, I can’t imagine why these cigarettes never caught on, not to mention the tobacco salad with tobacco oil dressing. Sounds delicious!


Tobacco minus nicotine is produced from the leaves of a remarkable plant raised in Germany. This botanical freak
is the reward of experiments conducted under the direction of the Ministry of National Economics, at a research institute established in the midst of the tobacco-growing fields of Pfalz. Although an extract from the leaves is virtually as harmless as drinking water, the “smokes” made from the plant are said to have all the flavor of ordinary tobacco.

An unexpected by-product of the experiment was the discovery that the leaves could also be used to prepare a succulent salad. As if that were not enough, the salad may be flavored with oil extracted from the same plant, according to Dr. Paul Konig, director of the institute.

Cigarette Holder for Nudists (Jan, 1938)

This was a total revolution. You really don’t want to know where they held their cigarettes before this was invented.

Cigarette Holder for Nudists
Faced with the problem of carrying cigarettes when no pockets were available, a delegate to a recent nudist convention devised the holder shown at right. The leather case is strapped to the leg by means of an elastic band.

Camel Ad: WHAT! A girl training men to fly for Uncle Sam? (Apr, 1942)

WHAT! A girl training men to fly for Uncle Sam?

THE name is Lennox — Peggy Lennox. She may not look the part of a trainer of fighting men, but— She is one of the few women pilots qualified to give instruction in the CAA flight training program. And the records show she’s doing a man-sized job of it. She’s turned out pilots for the Army … for the Navy. Peggy is loyal to both arms of the service. Her only favorite is the favorite in every branch of the service—Camel cigarettes. She says: “It’s always Camels with me—they’re milder in every way.”

Early Appearence of a Filter Tip Cigarette (Jul, 1936)

A new cigarette has a novel filter tip made of rolled, pleated paper. Besides protecting the smoker’s lips from the annoyance of loose tobacco ends, the rolled-in filter is said to provide a cooler smoke.


My first reaction to this was “Wow, I’ll bet you that waterproof coating is really bad for you when you smoke it.”, as if smoking the cigarette without the coating were good for you. Although it would be cool to see just how deadly they could make it. Perhaps if they used an asbestos filter, made the little silver band of mercury and managed to coat the tobacco in lead.

Accidental wetting does not harm cigarettes of a type just placed on the market, for the paper with which they are made is waterproof. In the test illustrated above, an experimenter held one of the new cigarettes in running water for three minutes. He then removed it and promptly smoked it as if nothing out of the ordinary had happened. Cigarettes made by the new process are said not to break apart at the tips from the moisture of the lips, a feature designed to appeal to smokers generally. Their waterproof characteristic, however, is expected to be especially popular among bathers and campers and in general they are designed to appeal to all who, for sport or work, are likely to be outdoors during inclement weather. The treatment to which the paper is subjected is said not to affect the aroma of the cigarette.

Ronnie the Riveter (Jun, 1942)

Rosie gets all the press, but very few people know about Ronnie the Riveter, the WWII icon of gay war-workers in the U.S.

Where I work It’s Chesterfield

Here’s the answer to that. . . Chesterfields are Milder, Cooler-Smoking and definitely Better-Tasting in just the way you want a good cigarette to be. And no question about it, there’s a lot more smoking pleasure in Chesterfield’s Right Combination of the world’s best cigarette tobaccos. ,

For steady enjoyment, make your next pack Chesterfields… regardless of price, there is no better cigarette made today.
Chesterfields are on the job with Smokers everywhere
They Satisfy

it’s fun to be fooled …it’s more fun to know (Apr, 1933)

Fairly ironic ad for a tobacco company…

it’s fun to be fooled …it’s more fun to know

Here’s a trick used in cigarette advertising. It is called “Coolness.” EXPLANATION: Coolness is deter-mined by the speed of burning. Fresh cigarettes, retaining their full moisture, burn more slowly … smoke cooler. Dried-out cigarettes taste hot.

Camels are cooler because they come in the famous air-tight welded Humidor Pack . . . and because they contain better tobaccos.
A cigarette blended from choice, ripe tobaccos tastes cooler than one that is harsh and acrid. For coolness, choose a fresh cigarette, made from costlier tobaccos.

It is a fact, well known by leaf tobacco experts, that Camels are made from finer, MORE EXPENSIVE tobaccos than any other popular brand.
Smoke Camels…give your taste a chance to sense the difference.

No Tricks – just Costlier Tobaccos in a Matchless Blend