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P.A.* means Pipe Appeal and PRINCE ALBERT

You can tell by her glance he has something special—he’s got Pipe Appeal. And he has something extra special in a pipeful of fragrant Prince Albert.
P.A.’s choice, rich-tasting tobacco is specially treated to insure against tongue bite. Get P.A.! Crimp cut Prince Albert is America’s largest-selling smoking tobacco.

Peeing Dog Ashtray (Feb, 1935)

This is awesome, the dog pisses on your cigarette and puts it out.

We call him Seotty. When your guests put cigarettes in the ash tray— and pat Scotty’a head he’ll raise his little hind leg and-PUT OUT THE CIGARETTE. Convenient water sack inside Scotty is easily filled. At last a canine’s most inconvenient habit has been turned into a practical and extremely funny use! Scotty mounted on ash tray both in attractive bronze finish.

Scotty may be had for $1.50 postpaid. Money back if not completely satisfied. Remit to:

Dept. 207, 200 Fifth Ave.
New York City

Her Singing Coach Advised a Light Smoke (Nov, 1937)

Her Singing Coach Advised a Light Smoke

Carole Lombard prefers luckies because they’re easier on her throat

“WHEN I had to sing in a recent picture,” says Carole Lombard, “I considered giving up smoking. But my voice teacher said I needn’t if I’d select a light smoke—Luckies.

“I soon found that even when singing and acting 12 hours a day, I can smoke as many Luckies as I like without the slightest throat irritation.”

Vest-Pocket Ash Tray (Feb, 1950)

Vest-Pocket Ash Tray

What can you do with cigarette ashes when there’s no ash tray around? Dr. John H. Findlay, Westinghouse engineer, often was looking for a place to deposit ashes so his colleagues came up with an answer—a vest-pocket ash tray. They made it from part of an electronic tube and fastened on a clip that holds it to the user’s pocket.

Build a Novel Cigarette Automat (Feb, 1938)

Novel Cigarette Automat

YOU probably never saw a real live bird that looked like this one, but then you never saw a real live bird do what this one does. When you want a cigarette he bobs down and comes up with one in his beak, just like that. Unlike most trick cigarette boxes, this one won’t be discarded very soon because you and your friends will never get tired of having cigarettes handed to you in this novel manner.

More Doctors Smoke Camels THAN ANY OTHER CIGARETTE! (Mar, 1946)


According to this recent Nationwide survey:

More Doctors Smoke Camels THAN ANY OTHER CIGARETTE!

This is no casual claim. It’s an actual fact. Based on the statements of doctors themselves to three nationally known independent research organizations.
THE question was very simple. One that you . .. any smoker . . . might ask a doctor: “What cigarette do you smoke, Doctor?”

Filter Pipe Is Smoked Through a Cigarette (Nov, 1939)

This is brilliant marketing by the tobacco industry. Convince people that it is healthier to smoke their pipe tobacco through cigarette tobacco. There really should be some way to fit a cigar in here too.

Filter Pipe Is Smoked Through a Cigarette
More than eighty percent of the nicotine in tobacco smoke is said to be removed by a filter pipe recently announced. Smoke drawn from the pipe bowl to the mouthpiece passes through two halves of a cigarette, which act as filters to absorb most of the nicotine.

Give Cigarettes as a Christmas Present (Dec, 1940)

Apparently twenty years after this article, it was alright for women to smoke.

for Christmas … give the cigarette that satisfies
A carton of Chesterfields with their MILDER BETTER TASTE will give your friends more pleasure than anything else you can buy for the money.
The attractive Gift Carton that says Merry Christmas

What Kind of Girls Smoke? (Mar, 1922)

For those of you who don’t like to read here is a quick bullet point summation of the article:

  • Mark Twain didn’t like his wife cursing because she didn’t “know the tune”. I think this means either she was bad at cursing, or that she didn’t understand why you would curse. Obviously this means that no woman “gets” cursing, thus it is wrong for a woman to curse.
  • For a woman, smoking is like cursing. They don’t understand it. They are bad at it. They pout.
  • Women are weak and frail, like little children.
  • This is proved because when a ship is sinking women and children are let off first.
  • Children should not smoke, it’s bad for them.
  • Thus women shouldn’t smoke.
  • The author likes young boys with their “soft, beautiful faces, as delicate as a womans” and loves the change in their voices which change from “haunting sweetness” to the “bellow of the male animal”.
  • If a woman is good at smoking and likes it, that means she’s tough.
  • Tough women are bad and should never be allowed to have children.
  • I have no idea what the monkey on the front page is about. I don’t even really understand the caption. Are they saying that smoking is bad because a monkey can do it? A monkey can eat, does that mean eating is bad?

What Kind of Girls Smoke?

It’s a Fine, Manly Accomplishment for Women, Don’t You Think? — But What Are the Real Reasons Why Women Should Not Smoke?

By Wainwright Evans

IN Albert Bigelow Paine’s “Life of Mark Twain” the story goes that Mark Twain was given, in moments of strong feeling, to the use of English more vigorous and picturesque than anything to be found in the dictionary. It wasn’t Sunday School English, in fact. All this grieved his wife very much, and she sought by every means to break her distinguished husband of his habit of latitudinarian speech.

Cigarette Case Keeps Account of Smokes Given to Friends (Sep, 1940)

Cheap bastard.

Cigarette Case Keeps Account of Smokes Given to Friends
A novel cigarette case keeps tabs on the cigarettes your friends “borrow.” When you want a smoke yourself, press one button to open the case. But when an acquaintance “bums” a cigarette, press a second button. This not only opens the case but operates a counter built into the case.