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Lighter Puffs Cigarette for You (Sep, 1950)

Lighter Puffs Cigarette for You
Insert a cigarette into the new Draw-Matic car lighter, push the surrounding ring in, and in a few seconds the ring pops back to deliver a well-lighted cigarette. The first few puffs needed to give a sure, even light are supplied by the device itself, which is linked to the wiper vacuum line. The makers, Dowi Products, Inc., of Milwaukee, say you can use the lighter without taking your eyes off the road for even an instant, and without danger of burning your fingers on a glowing coil. The gadget, which can be easily hooked up, sells for $2.75.

Pipe Holster (Apr, 1946)

PIPE SMOKERS who find their favorite briers sometimes get in the way will be interested in this leather holster that protects both the pipe and the clothing. It is worn on a belt or button. Moisture drains into a washable plastic cup fitting in the bottom of the holder.

Smoke In Bed? (Aug, 1946)

Smoke in bed? Could it really be possible? Have all my dreams come true? If I could find some of these I might just have to start smoking again.

Smoke In Bed?

DON’T—Unless you use the sensationally new 6 in 1 CIG-SMOKER. Designed scientifically for SAFE-CLEAN-FILTERED cigarette smoking. SEE the cig BURN inside this miracle. Durable silverglas creation. It combines a Holder-Filter-Fire Shield-Ash Guard-Smoke Cooler and Automatic Snuffer. PREVENTS- fires, burns, ash mess, accidents and irritating harmful smoking. It’s wind proof. Vew thrills in smoking-nothing else like it.

Eliminates Nicotine From Fag (Feb, 1932)

Eliminates Nicotine From Fag
NICOTINE can now be eliminated from cigarettes by the use of a new device recently introduced in America known as the”Niconette.” The fag is moistened by a special chemical contained in the case which combines with the hot spark of the cigarette to eliminate the nicotine as the smoke is consumed.

Double-Barrel Cigarette Holder (Nov, 1931)

Double-Barrel Cigarette Holder
We don’t know whether the cigarette manufacturers were behind this idea, but it might be a good idea for them to give away one of these new holders to all smokers. Just think how cigarette sales would jump if everybody smoked two at one time!

Roulette Wheel, Ash Tray in One (Dec, 1932)

Roulette Wheel, Ash Tray in One
THE photo below shows a novel device for home use that will afford much amusement as well as usefulness. It is called the “roulette ash tray,” and was one of the innovations recently introduced in the Reichs Invention Union in Berlin. Although it has not the many different betting facilities of the larger wheels, it does have the more popular features.

The ash receptacle has numerals painted upon the sides which revolve around a stationary base. There is a marker upon the base which points out the winning number when the wheel comes to a stop.

Keeps Smoke Out Of Eyes (Sep, 1939)

Keeps Smoke Out Of Eyes
WISHING to read his newspaper without the annoyance of clouds of smoke getting in his eyes, an Englishman invented an ingenious device—a flexible cigarette holder of unusual length. Not only does it keep smoke out of the eyes; it also keeps tobacco
particles from getting in the mouth. The idea may spread like wildfire—or smokers may
find it too much trouble to bother with.

NEW WAY TO SMOKE (May, 1935)

IMAGINE this! You take a beautiful case from your vest pocket! Automatically a cigarette and a flame appear. You puff . . . and a LIGHTED, ready-to-smoke cigarette is delivered right between your lips. Smokers crowd ’round
when you use it . . . they gaze in wonder . . . everyone of them wants a Magic Case. Just use a Magic Case half a dozen times a day and you will get a money-making thrill such as you never had before. You can hand out Magic Cases almost as fast as you can take in the money.
Make up to $16 a Day!
You never saw anything like the Magic Case before in your life. It’s got Novelty,
Practical Utility, Universal Demand. Let me send one to you for 15 days’ trial at my risk. Just use it . . show it . . . watch smokers reach for it . . . eager to buy. Agents are coining money fast. You can, too. Write quick.
MAGIC CASE MFRS., Dept. E-3549
4234 Cozens Ave. ST. LOUIS, MO.

Machine Sells Cigarettes In Home (Aug, 1935)

This is a really odd marketing idea, then again, it would be a lot easier to target minors at home.

Machine Sells Cigarettes In Home
COIN-IN-THE-SLOT cigarette vending machines built into attractive pieces of furniture are now being placed in American homes. Already twenty thousand of these venders, built into magazine stands and end tables of six different models, have been distributed to home owners.
Machines vending other articles are now being planned. It is intended to make the furniture pieces so attractive that housewives will welcome their placing in the home. Machines are refilled regularly and money collected by agents of the manufacturer.



IF THE cigarettes themselves could only express the keen competition apparent among their manufacturers . . .well!

Try this: Drop a bunch of one brand smokes into a hat. Take a lone cigarette of another brand and skoot it into the enemy encampment. Bang! Out comes the intruder with much gusto to be deftly caught in your hand. The “how” is absurdly simple. The “bunch” is dropped into the hat, taking care that they land in the far compartment of the crown. The lone cigarette goes into the near compartment. What’s left is merely a matter of voicing a loud “bang” at the same moment you snap the crown of the hat with your thumb, projecting the cigarette high into the air. For so simple a bit of foolery, this goes over nicely.

How to Tie a Cigarette in a Knot