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Smoke for Pleasure today— No Cigarette Hangover tomorrow! (Sep, 1952)

Smoke for Pleasure today— No Cigarette Hangover tomorrow!

Remember: Philip Morris is made differently from any other leading brand. And that difference is your guarantee of everything you’ve ever wanted in a cigarette . . . tasty mildness, rich flavor, pleasant aroma … a clean, refreshing smoke . . . and NO CIGARETTE HANGOVER!


It’s a very pretty ad, but I’m not really getting the “Just like being in Cairo” vibe… Maybe they’re not talking about the one in Egypt. Perhaps it’s ones of these.



Cork Tip or Plain End 15c

S. Anargyros – A Corporation
Makers of the Highest Grade Turkish and Egyptian Cigarettes in the World


Received the Medal of Honor in 1928 for action in 1915

Received the Navy Cross for actions in 1928


Steady Smokers turn to Camels

Frank Crilley says, “Deep down under 300 feet of water, working feverishly under terrific pressure — no place for a nervous man! That’s why a diver’s nerves must always be in perfect condition. And that’s why I smoke Camels and have smoked them for years. They are a milder cigarette and they taste better. But more important than that to me—they never upset my nervous system”

This Horn Fish “Swallows” Your Cigarette Ashes (Sep, 1948)

This Horn Fish “Swallows” Your Cigarette Ashes

Appropriately dubbed a horn fish, this novel desk ornament is made almost entirely from a cow’s horn. Its gaping mouth can be used as an ash tray or to hold paper clips. The mouth is formed by sawing the end of the horn as indicated and the waste piece is saved for the dorsal fin and the tail.

Plastic Baby Grand (Jun, 1946)

Plastic Baby Grand

A smart looking cigarette or jewelry box anyone can make.


THOSE tiny plastic baby grand cigarette and jewelry boxes displayed in jewelry shop windows are not difficult for the inexperienced craftsman to make and the total cost will be only the price of a square foot of Lucite or Plexiglas plus a small tube of model airplane cement.

An Expert Answers 37 Most-asked Questions About Cancer (Nov, 1954)

A six page article about cancer and this is the only reference to smoking:

Q. Can you tell us something helpful about factors outside our own bodies, things we come in contact with, that might induce cancer? There have been scare stories about smoking—an impressive large-scale statistical study by the American Cancer Society had a lot to do with that, as you know, Doctor—and we hear about dangers of air pollution, auto-exhaust fumes, occupational exposures to chemicals, etc.

A. The widely publicized report—and it was only a preliminary report, at that—of the society’s smoking study seems to indicate an association between smoking and heart disease and cancer. But surely much work needs to be done to determine the nature of this association as well as the role of exhausts, air pollution, asphalt highways, and so forth, before anyone can make an accurate statement on the cause of cancer.

An Expert Answers 37 Most-asked Questions About Cancer

IN A TAPE-RECORDED SESSION, Dr. Brewster S. Miller (right), for more than six years director of professional education of the American Cancer Society, gives the vital answers to author Donald G. Cooley’s comprehensive queries. A world-famous cancer authority, Dr. Miller was a delegate to the 1954 International Cancer Congress, held in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Q. Dr. Miller, it is kind of you to consent to this interview, and I want to thank you on behalf of readers of Cosmopolitan Magazine, who will feel they are sitting across a desk from you, as I am, getting authoritative answers to questions that are of grave concern to all of us. Cancer is a word that frightens everybody. What does it mean? What is cancer?

WINSTON is always good company! (Feb, 1957)

WINSTON is always good company!

Winston tastes good!
Like a cigarette should!

Enjoy a finer filter cigarette!

The moment you touch a match to your first Winston, you’ll know why it’s so popular! Here’s real flavor, rich and full. And here’s a real filter, too — a filter that does its job so well the flavor really comes through to you.

Enjoy finer filter smoking. Switch to Winston.

Switch to WINSTON Americas best-selling, best-tasting filter cigarette!

Extra Cigarettes (Aug, 1945)

Alas this wouldn’t work nearly as well with filter cigarettes.

Extra Cigarettes

INSTEAD of discarding those butts save them. You can make one extra cigarette out of every three, or nine from a whole pack! After cleaning ashtray (1) trim off burned ends of butts (2) and place three in a single sheet of cigarette paper (3). Roll as you would a roll-your-own (4). Photo No. 5 shows the saving from one pack—almost 50% extra smokes plus one final butt left over. It’s all right to throw this one away if you want to. This system doesn’t require the skill needed for conventional hand rolling.

Uncle Sam sure did help – make tobacco better than ever (Apr, 1940)

“Uncle Sam sure did help – make tobacco better than ever

… and Luckies always buy the finer grades,” says H. H. Scott, 12 years an independent buyer

IN A NUTSHELL, here’s why we ask: “Have you tried a Lucky lately?”

1. With the scientific help of Uncle Sam, farmers have grown the finest tobacco in recent years.

Smoke The Pipe Of Peace (Dec, 1941)

Smoke The Pipe Of Peace

Your Pipe Can Be Your Best Friend Or Your Worst Foe-Here’s The Way To Select It, Break It In, And Care For It.

by Rory O’Shane

THE saddest men I know are those who have tried everything in the way of pipes and have yet to find something that is sweet, cool, and dry. Most of their complaints about sour pipes and rank tobacco could have been avoided by exercising a little discrimination in the selection and care of a pipe.

The rules for choosing a pipe are on the same par with picking a wife. You look for graceful lines, a sweet disposition, and the ability to improve with age. Three types of pipe embody these characteristics in more or less varying degrees.