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Luckies – They Taste Better (Feb, 1935)

Sportsman’s Headnet Has Window (Apr, 1931)

Sportsman’s Headnet Has Window
FOR use by fishermen when harassed by black flies, gnats and mosquitoes, a head net now on the market has a non-breakable, non-combustible window for providing a clear view. The net is attached to a folding steel frame and will fit any hat.

I smoke for only one reason. (Mar, 1975)

Because I’m addicted to nicotine.

I smoke for only one reason.
I don’t smoke a brand to be like everybody else. I smoke because I enjoy it. I smoke Winston Super King. Super King’s extra length gives me an extra smooth taste that’s real Real taste—and real pleasure— are what smoking’s all about. Winston is for real

Pocket Ashtray-Lighter (Nov, 1956)

Pocket Ashtray-Lighter

A GUARANTEED conversation-starter wherever you go is this unusual German-made Simpson cigarette lighter which copped top honors for this month’s Bright Idea. A pocket ashtray and lighter, this smoker’s accessory is no larger than an ordinary lighter. A flick of the thumb at light-up time and the flame is ignited.

Duncemaster Howard – Professor of Pipe-ology (Oct, 1949)

Episodes of It Pays To Be Ignorant may be listened to or downloaded here

Duncemaster Howard – Professor of Pipe-ology

GOT any questions on your mind today?

Ask Tom Howard, the zany dunce-master on CBS’ radio and television crazy quiz. It Pays To Be Ignorant—he’ll give you any answer . . . except, of course, the right one. But ask him for a light and you may end up with all your pockets full of pipes—complete with built-in lighters.



Discriminating people prefer Herbert Tareyton. They appreciate the kind of smoking that only fine tobacco and a genuine cork tip can give. The cork tip doesn’t stick to the lips . . . it’s clean and firm. And discriminating people prefer Herbert Tareyton because their modern size not only means a longer, cooler smoke, but that extra measure of fine tobacco makes Herbert Tareyton today’s most unusual cigarette value.


Copr., The American Tobacco Company

Enjoy something different …try MARLBORO CIGARETTES (Oct, 1952)

I’d say that when smoking stops being a pleasure and starts being a habit, it’s a good time to quit.

Escape from the commonplace
Enjoy something different …try MARLBORO CIGARETTES

Finer taste, superior mildness —a luxury in smoking unmatched by any other cigarette!

When smoking has stopped being a pleasure and becomes only a habit, it’s time to freshen up your taste. So if you need a change, remember…

Marlboros are better in every way for those who smoke throughout the day!

It’s what’s up front that counts! (Feb, 1959)

Nope, no subtext here at all.

It’s what’s up front that counts!


The big difference is FILTER-BLEND

clear, rich tobaccos specially processed for filter smoking!

There’s nothing wishy-washy about Winston. For up front of its modern, pure white filter is FILTER-BLEND.

That’s what gives Winston its famous flavor. (And after all, that’s the whole idea of smoking!)

FILTER-BLEND means fine, mild tobaccos specially processed for filter smoking. It’s the real difference between Winston and all other filter cigarettes.

Winston tastes good like a cigarette should!

Butt-Snuffer (Dec, 1952)

It’s almost impossible not to read that headline wrong…


Bob GILL of Portland, Oregon, ran afoul of the law a few years ago. A cop picked him up for throwing a lighted cigarette butt out of his car window, a deed which is criminal in that forest-fire ridden state. “What do you usually do with your butts?” the cop asked. “Step on ’em,” Gill replied. “Let’s see you step on that last one,” the cop retaliated.

This episode gave Gill an idea. Why not make an automatic butt-snuffing ashtray? He did and it has won Mi’s $50 gadget award. You’ll see it on the market soon, helping us to keep our forests green.

Ronson Penciliter (Jun, 1949)

I don’t really get the taxes on the bottom. The Gold one is “plus tax” but the Rhodium one is “no fed tax”. What fed tax would that be? Was there a federal gold tax?

for father’s day, June 19th give dad the new Ronson Penciliter

always at hand….to light with….to write with!….

It’s a really new and different gift for Dad! The world’s finest lighter and a superb mechanical pencil are combined in the handsome Ronson Penciliter. It’s finely balanced…it’s streamlined… it’s always at hand for the two things he does most — lighting (press —it’s lit…release —it’s out)…and writing. He’ll constantly use., .constantly thank you for the new Ronson Penciliter!