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The Tobacco Institute Is On Your Side (Oct, 1967)

The Tobacco Institute believes every thoughtful adult American will want to read every word of this front-page editorial in BARRON’S-one of America’s most responsible publications.

Camel Ad: Are you a Humming Bird? (Jul, 1934)

This seems to be a bit of a contradiction: “and watch your smoking… Remember, you can smoke as many Camels as you want.”

Are you a Humming Bird?

It’s irritating and it means… jangled nerves

Yes, it’s irritating to listen to that constant, tuneless humming—and more than that, the humming is a sign of jangled nerves.

If you notice any of those telltale nervous habits in yourself— if you whistle through your teeth—drum on the table —then it’s time to start taking care of yourself.

Get enough sleep—fresh air —recreation—and watch your smoking… Remember, you can smoke as many Camels as you want. Their costlier tobaccos never jangle your nerves.

Chesterfield Ad: Land Sakes! I do believe I’ll try one (Feb, 1935)

When was the last time you saw a cigarette ad featuring an old person?

Land Sakes! I do believe I’ll try one
..for one thing

Chesterfield is the cigarette that’s Milder

..for other thing Chesterfield is the cigarette that Tastes Better

Camel Time is pleasure time! (Aug, 1964)

Camel Time is pleasure time!

Time for easygoing taste… honest enjoyment … choice quality tobaccos. Moments seem to brighten up every time you light one up.

Make it Camel Time right now!


Ash Receiver on Gear Shift Lever (Dec, 1929)

Ash Receiver on Gear Shift Lever

AN ASH receiver at the driver’s finger tips has been invented by an automotive manufacturer to be attached to the gear shift lever, replacing the gear shift ball. The receiver is made of heavy brass and nickel and enameled in assorted colors. The novelty is constructed to withstand hard usage, be useful, and add a colorful touch to the car equipment.

Escape from the commonplace (Sep, 1952)

Whoever rebranded Marlboro to the red and white boxes could not possibly have been paid enough. It looks like someone scrawled on the box with a red sharpie.

Also, nowadays any copywriter who tried to put the word “habit” in a cigarette ad would not have a job for very long.

Escape from the commonplace

Enjoy something different try MARLBORO CIGARETTES

Finer taste, superior mildness —a luxury in smoking unmatched by any other cigarette!

When smoking has stopped being a pleasure and becomes only a habit, it’s time to freshen up your taste. So if you need a change, remember …

Marlboros are better in every way for those who smoke throughout the day!

Us Tareyton smokers would rather fight than switch! (Mar, 1975)

Uh… um. Yeah. I’m sure this seemed like a good idea to someone.

Us Tareyton smokers would rather fight than switch!

Tareyton is better/Charcoal is why
Tareytons activated charcoal delivers a better taste. A taste no plain white filter can match.

Join the unswitchables

Her Throat Insured For $50,000 (Mar, 1938)

Her Throat Insured For $50,000

DOLORES DEL RIO* tells why it’s good business for her to smoke Luckies…

“That $50,000 insurance is a studio precaution against my holding up a picture,” says Miss Del Rio. “So I take no chances on an irritated throat. No matter how much I use my voice in acting, I always find Luckies gentle.”

CIG-O-MAT (Mar, 1956)

A NOBBY novelty copped this month’s $50 Bright Idea Award. Called the Cig-O-Mat, it’s a miniature cigarette vending machine that looks just like the big jobs that dispense smokes for those who like the puffers. Made of heavy chrome, it is an eyecatching little item for your home or office. It holds nearly two packs of your favorite butts and is sold by Richards Merchandising, Inc., Cleveland, Ohio. •

Chesterfields (Aug, 1935)

To knit and spin was not much fun
When ’twas my sole
But now I smoke these Chesterfields
And find it real
Mild… and yet.. They Satisfy