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Automatic Cigar Lighter in Ornamental Elephant (Jan, 1932)

Automatic Cigar Lighter in Ornamental Elephant

Smokers will find this little elephant both an attractive and useful ornament for their dens. Pick him up and an ingenious switch inside him automatically turns on an electric cigarette lighter in his neck. Put him down and the lighter goes out. Only a few inexpensive parts are needed.

I’m your best friend – I am your Lucky Strike (Jul, 1935)

I’m your best friend – I am your Lucky Strike

I am a better friend than others, for I am made only of mild, fragrant, expensive center leaves. Not a single sharp top leaf nor a single coarse bottom leaf mars my good taste or my uniform mildness. I do not irritate your throat. I am, indeed, a soothing companion, the best of friends.

They Taste Better

Tilting Ash Tray Eliminates Fire Dangers (May, 1938)

Yeah, because that will work better than just adding a flange.

Tilting Ash Tray Eliminates Fire Dangers

EQUIPPED with a self-tilting mechanism, this ash tray makes it impossible for a cigarette to burn down so short that the weight of the over-hanging end causes the cigarette to over-balance and fall off the tray and burn the table or rug. If the cigarette is allowed to burn for any length of time while on the rest, its heat causes a spring within the tray to expand and tilt, thus dumping the burning butt into the tray. This tray in use eliminates not only the danger of damaging furniture as the result of forgotten cigarettes, but the possibility of fire from the same cause.


“You know, for kids!”


THE NOVEL cigarette case shown below contains not only smoking materials, but also a complete checkerboard and men. The white and black pieces are small pegs which fit into holes in the squares to prevent them from being lost.

Smokes Without Glow (Feb, 1940)

Smokes Without Glow
A HOME-MADE aluminum shield with vent holes enables this English air raid worker to enjoy his cigarette and obey the “Lights Out!” warnings.



WHEN the King and Queen visited the British Industries Fair in London, His Majesty was extremely interested in a tray of pipes.

There were pipes of all sizes and kinds. There was one pipe that took the eye of the King. It was the largest of them all. King George seemed to feel that the huge 2-foot pipe shown here would be just the thing for Prime Minister Stanley Baldwin, so he bought it as a gift.



PIPE smokers who wear false teeth can now enjoy the use of a pipe with a specially designed mouthpiece which enables it to be held easily in the mouth. The photograph clearly shows the semi-circular projection extending from the pipe stem. This mouthpiece rests along the top of the false teeth and helps to support the pipe in the mouth. It is the invention of an Englishman who designed it originally for his own use and then decided to market his idea when he found how popular and practical the pipe was. The photo was taken at the International Inventions Exhibition recently held at London, where new inventions from all corners of the globe were exhibited.

Smoking Now No Effort at All—Dispenser Gives You Lighted Cigarette (May, 1932)

Smoking Now No Effort at All—Dispenser Gives You Lighted Cigarette

SMOKING is coming to be such a convenient matter that it is a wonder any of us can resist becoming insatiable cigarette fiends. The latest device to ease the labor of lighting up a fag is an electric desk dispenser which delivers one cigarette at a time, fully lighted and ready to smoke.

Handy Lighter Built in Cane (Jul, 1931)

Handy Lighter Built in Cane
ONE of the novel and striking features of the recent British industries exhibition was a walking stick equipped with a gasoline lighter for the convenience of smokers. The lighter is built into the handle of the cane, as photo below shows, and is brought into action by pressure on a small button. Such a device proves a great boon, for it saves considerable fussing around for a lighter or a match. The device is filled with gas from a small opening beneath the cover.

Ash Tray Breathes (Dec, 1947)

Ash Tray Breathes and inhales the smoke that usually drifts over into a non-smoker’s eye. It draws all smoke down into the stand and keeps the room free of fumes, too. Penny Martin, of Los Angeles, is shown using this new and welcome invention. It operates electrically, uses house current.