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Cigarette Holder Filters Smoke (May, 1932)

Cigarette Holder Filters Smoke

TO MAKE a cigarette holder that filters and cools the smoke, procure a small size corncob and a close-grained cork. Trim the cork so that it fits tightly into the bowl with about 1/4 inch of the cork projecting to make removal of stubs easy.

For a filter and cooler, place a small cotton wad and menthol crystals in the bowl. With a red hot iron burn a hole through the center of the cork to hold the cigarette. Then cut the cork in half, place the fag between the corks and insert in the pipe.

“Its not how long you make it…” (Oct, 1967)

Presented without comment.

“Its not how long you make it…
“It’s how you make it long!”
We make our long cigarette with an extra measure of that famous good taste that has made Winston America’s largest-selling cigarette! Buy a pack today.

Pipe-Shaped Cigar Lasts Longer (Nov, 1934)

Pipe-Shaped Cigar Lasts Longer

A NOVELTY smoke, now on the market, is pipe-shaped cigar which is said to last three times as long as those of ordinary shape.

The unusual design of the cigar moreover is said to retain the ash intact, making the aroma more enjoyable. Recently brought to America, the cigar originated in Europe.

Double-Bowl, Single-Stem Pipe for Two-Fisted Smokers (Oct, 1939)

Double-Bowl, Single-Stem Pipe for Two-Fisted Smokers

FOR double – barreled smoking enjoyment, pipe lovers are invited by the proprietors of a New York City tobacco shop to try out their latest development, the twin-bowl, single-stem pipe pictured at the right. Something like burning his pipe at both ends, the smoker fills and lights both bowls, and draws smoke from each through a slender bit that taps the center of the pipe’s double-ended stem. The idea for the novel tobacco furnace originated with the artist who draws the popular newspaper cartoon Smokey Stover.

Automat Vends Lighted Cigarette (Feb, 1931)

Automat Vends Lighted Cigarette

A NEW automatic device recently introduced by a London manufacturer not only delivers a fag when you put a penny in the slot, but lights it as well. The fag delivered by the cigarette automat is lighted by means of electricity and does the work within five seconds after you insert the penny in the slot. The photo below shows a young lady receiving a lighted cigarette from the machine.

No More Rain-Soaked Cigarettes! (Aug, 1931)

No More Rain-Soaked Cigarettes!
MANY are the inventions devised to insure a dry smoke, but it has remained for a clown appearing with a circus in England to solve the problem. An umbrella over the smoke keeps off water and a spigot drains off excess moisture.

Cigarette Ignites Like Match (Jan, 1933)

Cigarette Ignites Like Match
BECAUSE a smoker often has a cigarette but no match with which to light it, an inventor has developed a self-lighting fag which eliminates use of matches. The idea is unique in its field and should be received with favor by all tobacco users who have been caught in a similar predicament. The device consists of a container and its pack of specially prepared cigarettes. Each cigarette has an oxidized fiber ring added to the tip that ignites immediately, like an ordinary match, when the fag is rubbed on the side.

Lucky Strikes: forever and ever… (Feb, 1933)

Irony, in ad form.

Lucky Strikes: forever and ever…

Walking-Stick Supplies a Light for the Smoker (Mar, 1922)

Walking-Stick Supplies a Light for the Smoker

A CIGAR-LIGHTER in a walking-cane is a novelty that is being introduced in France. The lighter is operated by compressed air.

A long steel rod attached to the handle and extending into the hollow of the cane carries a briquette of highly inflammable material, the chemical composition of which is secret. When the handle is thrust into the cane quickly, the air compression is said to ignite the composition. The substance glows like a pocket light. It is extinguished by thrusting back the steel tube.

The mild cigarette the athletes smoke is the mild cigarette for YOU! (Jun, 1935)

The mild cigarette the athletes smoke is the mild cigarette for YOU!


A cigarette so mild you can smoke all you want— that’s what athletes say about Camels. And when a champion talks about “condition”—”wind”—healthy nerves — real tobacco mildness—he knows what he’s talking about.

Listen to Gene Sarazen. “Traveling and playing as much as I do—I have to keep in condition. I smoke Camels steadily. They’re so mild they never get my ‘wind’ or nerves.”