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“Brain Music” Electrically Made (Feb, 1930)

I don’t think this is “Brain Music” so much as a pair of insane headphones made using people’s hands as drivers and paper as the diaphragm.

“Brain Music” Electrically Made

MUSIC heard clearly inside the brain although no sound waves were entering the stopped-up ears of the hearer, is a new achievement of the science of electro-acoustics demonstrated by Mr. Sergius P. Grace, assistant vice president of the Bell Telephone Laboratories.

THE TELE-PAL (Nov, 1954)

Benjamin Frankenstein sounds like the name of a character from a cartoon about zombie founding fathers.


WATCHING TV was Benjamin Frankenstein’s way of relaxing each evening after a busy day at his Tele-Matic Industries, Inc., 16 Howard Avenue, Brooklyn, N. Y. But Ben had a problem. He and his wife were still living in the same two-room apartment they had secured when first married. Now, with two youngsters and a TV set in their bedroom, it was impossible for them to watch their favorite programs without disturbing the babies in the cribs.

AMPLION – The World’s Standard Loud Speaker (Jan, 1924)

AMPLION – The World’s Standard Loud Speaker

A few practical points about Amplion supremacy:

The Amplion requires no power amplifier—no battery. You simply attach it to regular head phone connections.

The diaphragm is made of a special alloy, found to have no equal after years of experiment with all other materials.

Radio Speaker Like Chandelier (May, 1932)

Radio Speaker Like Chandelier

LOUD speakers which are placed in or on top of your receiving set cabinet are now being supplanted by a new amplifier that hangs from the ceiling like a beautiful metal chandelier.

The new amplifier is made up of a number of tone tubes which not only amplify the sounds but also give musical notes a rich tone. Each tube tones one note. Any electrical connection may be used between receiving set and chandelier.

Bugle Call into Megaphone Gets ’em Up in the Morning (Mar, 1941)

Bugle Call into Megaphone Gets ’em Up in the Morning

Reveille sounds painfully loud these days to the boys in camp at Fort Jackson, S. C. When the bugler sounds “I can’t get ’em up in the morning” he steps to a huge megaphone that blasts his notes throughout the camp. Mess call, he finds, does not require so much artificial amplification.

Speaker Built in Extra Auto Wheel (Feb, 1932)

Speaker Built in Extra Auto Wheel

RADIO loud speakers are found in all sorts of strange places, but who would ever think of looking in the hub of a spare tire. It has remained for an advertising man to think up a place like that. Installed in the hub, as shown in the accompanying photo, the speaker is used chiefly to broadcast outdoor advertising, and is not detected, thanks to its neat appearance and unique location. The reproducer of the speaker is operated from the radio set and microphone in the car.

The decorative hub cap acts as the grill for the front of the speaker.