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Want to listen to the stars? Do it with steel wire! (Oct, 1961)

Want to listen to the stars? Do it with steel wire!

The University of Illinois will soon begin operating a mammoth radio telescope to map and catalog radiation from galaxies that are invisible to optical telescopes. The findings will throw further light on the evolution of stars and perhaps help solve other mysteries of the universe.

House of Steel (Sep, 1947)

House of Steel

Want to live in a metal house? The one pictured here has frame, roof and wall sheets all of processed steel. Blanket type insulation and a system of natural ventilation help keep it cool in summer and warm and cosy in winter. Interior walls are of fire-proofed plasterboard.

The Amazing Story of Stainless Steel (Jul, 1936)

The Amazing Story of Stainless Steel

RUST which, it is estimated, causes a loss of about one billion dollars a year in this age of steel, today is in full retreat before an advance that began about a generation ago. Strangely enough, the big guns of war played a key part in the early stages of the battle.

The history of man’s attempt to conquer rust goes back almost to the time when the first iron tool was fashioned. The most important chapters, however, have been written since the beginning of the present century.