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Police Play Motor-Cycle Leapfrog (Oct, 1937)

Police Play Motor-Cycle Leapfrog

Playing leapfrog over a speeding motor cycle was the daring stunt performed by English police at a recent exhibition in London. Facing an oncoming motor cycle, the jumper spread his legs and vaulted over.

Easy Money – The Hard Way (May, 1950)

Easy Money – The Hard Way

FED up with your job? There’s plenty of free folding money for the guy who’s willing just to sit tight a few seconds. Look at Captain Leo Simon, the man tightening the Martian earmuffs (Picture 1) to protect his job-damaged hearing. Twice a day and three times on Sundays he seats himself inside a wooden box (2) and waits a moment. For this the gaping crowds at beaches and carnivals are making him rich. . . .

Movie Stunt Men Risk Their Lives to Thrill Millions (Nov, 1935)

Movie Stunt Men Risk Their Lives to Thrill Millions

By John E. Lodge

NINE times, a movie stunt man plunged into the swirling rapids of a Washington river, swimming forty-five minutes in water twenty degrees below the freezing point. In Southern California, another demolished nine new automobiles in spectacular crashes within a week. A third member of this strange fraternity jumped an untrained farm horse sixty feet into a pool of water; three others walked leisurely in asbestos suits through seven gallons of flaming oil, scattered over a steep stairway. Still another pulled the pin to unloose the tongue of an old-fashioned western stagecoach and plunged down a mountain canyon in the runaway vehicle.