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Hobbies of Great Surgeons AID IN LIFE-SAVING MARVELS (Nov, 1933)

I think if this kid showed up at my house I would have been a bit frightened of him:

Consider, for example, the start of the famous New York plastic surgeon, Dr. H. Lyons Hunt. When he was six years old, he told me, he used to fill his mother’s shopping bag with knives from the kitchen and make the rounds of the neighbors on his velocipede. At each house, he would ring the doorbell and gravely announce: “Dr. Hunt is ready to operate.”

Of course today, they could just play video games.

Hobbies of Great Surgeons AID IN LIFE-SAVING MARVELS

Workshops, Music, Art, And Sports Keep Nerves Keen and Fingers Nimble

By Frederic Damrau, M.D.

IN A recent series of articles in Popular Science Monthly, I told of the marvels of modern surgery and described some of the miracles of the operating room. Since then, scores of readers have written me, asking for facts about famous surgeons and how they fit themselves for their life-work.

Amazing Facts about Today’s Triumphs of Surgery (Dec, 1932)

Amazing Facts about Today’s Triumphs of Surgery

The first of a series of Articles describing the wonders worked in modern hospitals

By Frederic Damrau, M.D.

ONE of the most dramatic stories of the Twentieth Century remains virtually untold. This is the story of modern surgery.

Tradition and ethics of the medical profession prevent the surgeon from reporting to the press his own accomplishments. A wall of silence surrounds his work. Even well-informed persons know little of the miracles of life-saving which these white-robed figures perform behind the closed doors of the operating room.

Germproof Operating Room (May, 1938)

Germproof Operating Room


BY ADAPTING the assembly-line methods of a factory, an ultramodern “operating block” designed by a leading French professor of medicine will provide hospital patients with surgical treatment in surroundings as nearly germ-free as human ingenuity can devise.

New Miracle of Science: 60 SECOND PLASTIC SURGERY (Jan, 1954)

New Miracle of Science: 60 SECOND PLASTIC SURGERY

A beautifying plastic operation now is possible within 60 seconds. This is no joke but the pleasant truth for all those who suffer from the. ill-effects of a disfiguring accident or hereditary ugliness. It may be a broken nose that mars the appearance of its owner, or perhaps a hollow spot in the forehead due to a war injury. In many other cases it is just a question of vanity or the need for particularly attractive features in one’s business. Whatever the reason for a change in a person’s appearance, a new revolutionary method devised by a plastic surgeon in Hamburg. Germany, allows him or her to have it done during one afternoon.