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Swords for the Atomic Age (Dec, 1955)

Every headline sounds better if you stick the word “Atomic” in it. Even if you’re talking about a centuries old technique for making swords.

Swords for the Atomic Age

Wilkinson blades gleamed at Waterloo and Balaclava and are still being made for military ceremonies.

IF YOU need a sword the place to get it is Wilkinson’s Sword Company, London (Est. 1772). Wilkinson’s makes dress and ceremonial swords for the military of Britain, Canada and the U.S. The big two-handed Stalingrad sword Churchill presented to Stalin at Teheran was forged at Wilkinson’s. Keen and well-tempered as the old fighting weapon, the dress sword is judged chiefly for its beauty of workmanship and the way the embossing on the blade tells the story of a regiment or of a glorious martial event.