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Lip Tattooing Is the Latest Fad (Jan, 1933)

I hope she doesn’t change her mind.

Lip Tattooing Is the Latest Fad

A NEW and unique fad making rapid strides among the movie folk of Hollywood is not to rouge the lips but have them permanently made up by the tattoo artist, as demonstrated in photo below. All shades of the more popular lip sticks are available and may be worked on in a short time at little inconvenience.

Young Shipbuilders Take Cruise in Their Giant Models (Oct, 1932)

Those are some pretty awesome models but that second article is a very scary idea. I’d be pretty pissed if my doctor tried to brand me..

Young Shipbuilders Take Cruise in Their Giant Models
ALL honors for constructing real boat models go to a couple of Berlin youths who have turned out in their own workshops the two amazing creations shown in the photo above. Perfect duplicates of the training frigate “Preussen” and the cruiser “Hindenburg,” the two models are large enough to carry real sailor passengers, as you can see in the photo. The model of the “Hindenburg” has full fighting equipment, and an anchor that actually anchors.

Skin Brands to Prevent Frauds
INDELIBLE messages tattooed on the skins of patients who have had surgical operations or have suffered injuries were urged recently in England to prevent fraud. Such a course would prevent duplication of claims by persons who try to collect many times for physical deficiencies which they have had since birth. Often they deliberately undergo an accident to collect damages.

Skinful of Art (May, 1947)

Skinful of Art

SOME artists like to paint on canvas, some prefer paper, some billboards, but Charlie Wagner puts his masterpieces smack on the anatomies of his clients. Charlie is a tattoo artist. He’s a skin man from way back when.

Every one of his masterpieces is guaranteed to last a lifetime. His works of art become part and parcel of the wearer’s epidermis.

Charlie injects his art right into the skin itself, with an electric needle of his own design, and nothing short of an actual transplant can ever successfully remove it afterward. He carries a permanent? skinful of art himself—neck to foot. He started tattooing people around the time of the Spanish-American War and has been carrying on in the same spot, at the foot of the Bowery, in New York, ever since.

Revive Interest in ART of TATTOOING (Apr, 1934)

If you’re interested in tattoos, be sure to check out this article. Or, perhaps a new career?

Revive Interest in ART of TATTOOING

INTEREST in tattooing has been revived by a book that covers the subject thoroughly and frankly. “Tattoo” by Albert Parry, makes many startling revelations.

For instance, it is surprising to learn how many women, even in society circles, adorn their physical charms with multi-colored figures of butterflies, hearts, cupids and initials of loved ones.

Learn TATTOOING At Home (May, 1952)

Earn extra MONEY—Tattoo blood types and designs in your community. Splendid opportunity in every town. Prepare in spare time. Practical instructions. Send 25c for details and list of Tattoo Supplies. No obligations.
ZEIS SCHOOL OF TATTOOING • 738 Leslie, Rockford, Ill.

Modern Methods Improve Ancient Tattooing Art (Jun, 1932)

Modern Methods Improve Ancient Tattooing Art

TATTOOING is one of the most ancient arts in the world. Even before man had learned to write—and centuries before he could print—he practiced the art of pricking various designs and symbols and pictures into the human skin.

Down through the ages men and women have tattooed themselves for a wide variety of reasons. Early tribes tattooed their faces to make themselves appear more ferocious and powerful in battle. Other tribes tattooed their whole bodies as a protection from the rays of the sun and from the eyes of their enemies. Then the custom sprang up of tattooing the various parts of the body for religious purposes, or to show membership in a certain family or clan, or to make themselves more attractive to the opposite sex, or as evidence that a youth had reached the marriageable age.