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Faster Than Light (Nov, 1931)

Tesla was a genius, but he was an engineer, not a scientist.

Faster Than Light!


IT may come as a shock, to most students of science, to learn that there are still in the world some scientists who believe that there are speeds greater than that of light.

Since the advent of Einstein, most scientists and physicists have taken it for granted that speeds greater than 186,300 miles per second are impossible in the universe. Indeed, one of the principal tenets of the relativity theory is that the mass of a body increases with its speed, and would become infinite at the velocity of light. Hence, a greater velocity is impossible.

Radio Power will Revolutionize the World (Jul, 1934)

Radio Power will Revolutionize the World


Tesla’s World of Tomorrow

“We are on the threshold of a gigantic revolution, based on the commercialization of the wireless transmission of power.

“Motion pictures will be flashed across limitless spaces . . .

“The same energy (wireless transmission of power) will drive airplanes and dirigibles from one central base.

“… In rocket-propelled machines . . . it will be practicable to attain speeds of nearly a mile a second (3600 m.p.h.) through the rarefied medium above the stratosphere.

“. . . We will be enabled to illuminate the whole sky at night . . . Eventually we will flash power in virtually unlimited amounts to planets.”

—Nikola Tesla.

Dr. Tesla Claims New Discoveries (Oct, 1935)

Dr. Tesla Claims New Discoveries
CLAIMING that the propositions of relativity are false, and asserting that he has discovered a new apparatus for transmitting mechanical energy without wires and to any distance, Dr. Nikola Tesla, world famous scientist made formal announcement of his discoveries on his 79th birthday recently.
Should his announced energy transmitter prove successful, it would become the most sought for device in the world.