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Tibet – Golden Roof of the World (Nov, 1950)

This article is a total piece of garbage. It would be better titled: “Tibet: how can we steal all the gold and screw the populace over before the commies do. Crap, we can’t!”

Tibet – Golden Roof of the World

In the sacred soil of ancient Tibet, nestled high in the great Himalaya Mountains, lie millions of tons of gold—waiting for the world to discover it.

By Harrison Forman

FANTASTIC Tibet could be the site of the greatest gold rush in all history!

I have seen tons of gold there. Yes, literally tons of it! I have seen whole rooftops of Tibetan temples and shrines heavily sheeted with gold. Giant golden Buddhas sat in these temples’ murky interiors with massive incense burners and altar pieces of solid gold. I have seen libraries of sacred Buddhist scripture whose dog-eared volumes were bound with bands of pure gold.

Flying Gold Out of Tibet (Nov, 1936)

This seemed sadly topical.

Flying Gold Out of Tibet

Planes Invade Land of the Lamas CARRYING millions of dollars worth of gold out of Tibet by airplane is the job of a young American who has become a cabinet minister in the Government of the Panchen Lama.

Until the present, Tibet, remote and inaccessible, has resisted all encroachments of the Machine Age.

Now, the Panchen Lama, back on the throne after a 12-year exile in China, has decided to modernize the country with radios, automobiles, hydro-electric plants, and other inventions.