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Household Aids (Jun, 1930)

A half slice toaster? Couldn’t you just cut a piece of bread in half and use a regular toaster?

Household Aids

Inventions to Save You Time and Work Want only half a slice of toast? This tiny electric toaster is designed to give you exactly that. It uses only 150 watts and is adequate for the tea table or an individual breakfast.

With a foot on the loop in the handle, this pail is held steady while dry or oiled mop is cleared of dust by turning against blades.

How Your Automatic Toaster Works (Dec, 1947)

How Your Automatic Toaster Works

YOU push down the handle, wait . . . and the bread pops up all by itself, toasted to a turn. Ever stop to wonder how the toaster knows enough to brown your slice without burning it?

Automatic toasters are mostly of two types—both ingenious. One has a thermostat that cooks with the toast and switches off the current after the right amount of heat. The other kind is timed by clockwork, but uses a thermostat to speed up the machinery when full heat is reached. Here is what goes on inside both types, shown in Toastmaster toasters through the courtesy of A. Lockyer of Toaster Appliance Sales
and Service Co., New York City.