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Squibb Angle Toothbrush (Jun, 1949)

I thought that angled toothbrushes were a more modern invention. The ads when I was a kid always made it seem that way… Imagine, advertisers lying to me!

Squibb Angle Toothbrush

gets at back teeth easily… comfortably

bent like a dentist’s mirror
to reach more places

HE FOUND A WAY… Meyer Rhein’s Toothbrush (Nov, 1954)

HE FOUND A WAY… Meyer Rhein’s Toothbrush

By Alfred Lief

TOOTHPICKS, not toothbrushes, were the common means of dental care when Meyer L. Rhein graduated from Union University in 1880 with a degree in medicine. He was strongly interested in oral hygiene. After spending another year at a college of dentistry, he opened an office in New York as a dentist. Convinced that cavities between teeth and in back teeth could be avoided by proper cleansing, Dr. Rhein decided to remedy matters.

Brushing Up With His Invention (Aug, 1941)

Brushing Up With His Invention

DON LEVERIDGE, 22-year-old senior of the University of Chicago, demonstrates his revolving toothbrush, which uses a hand-operated crank as its power source. The young lady is using an ordinary toothbrush which, according to Don, is old-fashioned in the light of his invention. He has already talked 200 of his fellow students into using his type of brush, and has great hopes for marketing it nationally.

Motorized Toothbrush Leaves Hands Free For Shaving (Oct, 1937)

I don’t know about you but I’m one of those people who can’t pat my head and rub my belly at the same time. The idea of trying to do something else with my face while I have a sharp razor blade in my hand is not very appealing.

Motorized Toothbrush Leaves Hands Free For Shaving

As A novelty feature at a recent exhibit of inventions, one inventor displayed the odd motor-driven toothbrush above. Said to be the last word in time-savers, the device is designed to allow the late riser to get his teeth brushed while he shaves. A conventional brush is attached to a vibrating arm on the brushing apparatus.