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Tooth Saver Kit (May, 1968)

Tooth Saver Kit

Your at-home part of Colgate’s National Anti-Cavity School Program.

Proven among millions of school children—now you can give your child Colgate’s cavity-fighting lesson at home.

“My dentist and my purse suggest the same toothpaste” (Oct, 1932)

“My dentist and my purse suggest the same toothpaste”

“Colgate’s? – Why certainly! Nothing can clean them better. and when there’s anything wrong with your teeth, young lady – you march right down to my office.”

Dad said we had to come down to earth—and meant it — so mother and I started to cut corners. Necessity brought me to my senses — in more ways than one.

Ad: Listerine Toothpaste (Feb, 1937)


“If their teeth are exceptional it’s a safe guess they use Listerine Tooth Paste”

More than 1/4 POUND of tooth paste in the double size tube • 40 cents
Regular size tube, 25 cents

IN all of these United States, there is no man who knows beauty, and beautiful teeth particularly, more certainly than John Robert Powers.

Through his office, in one day, pass more beautiful women than Ziegfeld saw in a year. For this able young businessman’s job is the selection of flawless models, for work in the great New York commercial studios and for the sound stages of Hollywood. Mr. Powers is right when he says that, if models’ teeth are exceptional, it is a safe guess that they use Listerine Tooth Paste.