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‘Dust Bowl’ Truck Has Air-Conditioned Cab (Dec, 1936)

‘Dust Bowl’ Truck Has Air-Conditioned Cab

Not only the drivers but the Diesel engine itself breathes conditioned air in a truck built for travel through the “dust bowl” of Kansas and Colorado. Since comfort for the drivers during stifling dust storms was essential, a mechanical air conditioner was installed in the cab.

This Roller Safety Device Sweeps Away Fallen Pedestrian (Mar, 1931)

I just can’t understand why this isn’t standard on all vehicles…

This Roller Safety Device Sweeps Away Fallen Pedestrian

TRUCKS equipped with the new safety device shown in the photo at the left will literally sweep a fallen pedestrian before it and thus save him from being crushed to almost certain death beneath the heavy wheels.

NOW! A NEW WORLD OF WORTH! ’62 CHEVROLET JOBMASTER TRUCKS with new High Torque power! (Oct, 1961)



Meet the trucks that are powered to work harder, built to work longer and styled to look good doing it. . . the ’62 Chevrolet Jobmaster Trucks.

There’s new power, new torque, more work, more worth … throughout Chevrolet’s ’62 line.

The World’s Greatest Truck Value! (Apr, 1923)

The World’s Greatest Truck Value!


A Truck Produced and Serviced by Transportation Experts

The great Ruggles organization is made up of trained transportation experts. The factory specialists know how to build trucks to meet commercial needs. The local dealer applies transportation principles to the economical moving of your product.

Ruggles Trucks are built to perform definite service. They are strong, powerful, dependable. They have the power to carry your load and the speed to maintain your schedules.

Super Terminal for Trucks (Sep, 1947)

I grew up right near this building and it really is quite massive. It is now one of UPS’s main hubs in Manhattan.

Super Terminal for Trucks

Colossal union truck terminals like this will help reduce the paralyzing congestion of city streets.

By William Winter

IF ANYTHING bothers the people of the New York metropolitan area as much as the significance of the A-bomb, it is their diabolical traffic problem. Having tried bridges, vehicular tunnels, and express highways, the Port of New York Authority is now doing something spectacular about the 2,500 intercity buses and 5,000 trucks that daily jam the city streets.

Trailer Combines Home and Office (Jul, 1939)

Add an internet connection and this looks like a pretty spiffy place to live and work.

Trailer Combines Home and Office

Home and office are combined in a custom-built trailer just completed for an executive whose business keeps him touring the country. Equipped with desks, typewriter, and electric dictating machine, it also provides the owner and his wife with satinwood-furnished living quarters, an upper-deck observation lounge, a tiled bathroom with hot and cold shower, and a stainless-steel kitchen with a range burning bottled gas. Telephones connect office, power car, and galley; and an air-conditioning plant maintains year-round comfort.

Tiny, Axle-less Truck (Aug, 1949)

Axle-less Truck is firstAmerican vehicle with independent suspension of all four wheels. Rubber tension cords like those in plane landing gear are used in place of steel springs. American Motors, Troy, N. Y.