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“Every theory, you see, is as sound as a dollar. Any one of them is sufficient to sell a hair tonic or commend a new treatment.”

All those damn quacks, claiming they have a cure!

“A modern method which is of undoubted potency in the treatment of premature loss of hair is the ultra-violet ray. This must not be confused with the comparatively useless violet ray lamp.”



by William Brady M.D.

ALOPECIA, as physicians call it —they always tack a fancy title an a disease when they know little or nothing about it— ‘ comes in many forms. There is alopecia adnata, which signifies that some people are born bald. Then we have alopecia senilis, implying that a favored few live long enough to achieve it. But the most painful, the most cowardly type of baldness is alopecia prematura, which is thrust upon us by our friend the barber in his tonsorial operations.

Healthful Sleep on Ultra-Violet Ray Bed (Mar, 1932)

The new Melanomatron from Sealy Posturepedic.

Healthful Sleep on Ultra-Violet Ray Bed

YOU grow healthy while you slumber and arise in the morning fresh and full of vitamines, if you sleep away the night in a special bed which has recently been devised by scientists.

What does the job of keeping the body of the sleeper fit is a battery of ultra-violet lights which bathe the flesh, as illustrated in the artist’s drawing above. An opaque screen covers the bed, thus shutting out the view and providing the occupants with the utmost privacy.

With cities growing constantly larger and sunlight becoming more and more scarce, these ultra-violet beds may be called upon to furnish all health rays in the future.



SUNBURNED backs, as all know, may now be had from a “health lamp”; but here we have a mercury-vapor lamp in a quartz rod, small enough to pass up the nose and sunburn its inside. Four out of five cases of “hay fever” are cured.

Keep that Healthy TAN That Men and Women Admire! (Oct, 1936)

Wow, that is one scary looking kid.



Keep that Healthy TAN That Men and Women Admire!

THERE is no need to lose that Tarzan Tan just because cool days are coming and you no longer can get out into the sunshine in a bathing suit! You can keep that tan and get even more if you wish it, right in the privacy of your own room! Just a few minutes a day under a Health Ray Sun Lamp and your friends will think you spend your week-ends in Palm Beach!

… this thing called ULTRA-VIOLET (Aug, 1930)

… this thing called ULTRA-VIOLET

In 1801 Johann Wilhelm Ritter, a German physicist, made a most interesting discovery. While exploring the theories of Sir Isaac Newton and others —that light was a series of waves (similar to waves upon the water) in the ether, and that color was caused by a difference in the lengths of these waves—Ritter found waves even shorter than the visible violet. Invisible waves so short that it would take 70,000 of them to make an inch.


I think that woman has been smoking something else out of a tube…


INDOOR SUNSHINE While you work or play from a FLUORESCENT SUN LAMP

Here’s a totally new kind of sun lamp . . . different from any ever made!

Now—enjoy wide-area radiation. Whole rooms, such as in homes, offices, schools, factories, amusement and recreation areas, can be bathed with cool ultraviolet rays that stimulate health-building Vitamin D. Here, low intensities are used for longer periods.

Now—enjoy quick individual sun tanning.

New Sun Lamp Held in Hand Brands Babies (Dec, 1938)

It seems like you could accomplish the same thing with a sharpie…

New Sun Lamp Held in Hand Brands Babies

A new hand-type ultraviolet-ray lamp makes it easier for nurses in a Brooklyn, N.Y., hospital to brand the initials of a new-born baby on his skin to prevent identification mix-ups in the hospital nursery. Soft ultra-violet rays pass through stenciled initials placed within the easily handled unit to tan the letters on the infant as well as on the mother. Harmless, the identification brand is said to remain visible for a period of two weeks.

Solar Bath Apparatus Helps Cure Diseases of the Head (Jan, 1933)

Solar Bath Apparatus Helps Cure Diseases of the Head
NO, THE peculiar looking device in the photo at left is not a camera, nor even a telescope, although partially resembling both. It is a new solar bath apparatus for the head and has made a great hit with the medical fraternity of Germany. The main purpose of the device is to cure sicknesses of the head, like catarrh of the nose and throat or of the ears. It reposes on a stationary upright and has an opening in under side for a patient’s head. Affected person sits in a chair while taking treatments. An ultra-violet ray machine within throws artificial sunlight upon all parts of the head. Eventually, when fully tested and improved, it is expected to cure many of the illnesses of the head.

Weird Unseen RAYS Trap Master Crooks (Oct, 1931)

Weird Unseen RAYS Trap Master Crooks

How “Black Light” Brings New and Strange Magic to Aid Scientifically Trained Police in Solving Mysterious Crimes

By Edwin W. Teale

IN NEW YORK CITY, not long ago, perfume bootleggers hatched what they thought was a perfect plot, one that was absolutely undetectable.

Under direction of the gang, a small glass factory turned out imitations of the bottle used by a noted perfumer in selling one of his rare blends at $100 an ounce. Filling these with a cheap substitute, the crooks played their trump card.

Instead of counterfeiting the labels, they bribed the perfumer’s printer and obtained the original plate he had used. As a result, not even the most powerful microscope could find the slightest difference in the exteriors of real and bootleg bottles. The gang thought detection impossible. And it would have been but for a dramatic new weapon recently enlisted in the war against crime.

In his New York City laboratory, Dr. Herman Goodman, skin specialist and a pioneer in this thrilling new method of scientific crime detection, examined bottles brought by the frantic manufacturer.

Germs on Groceries Killed by Rays (Apr, 1946)

Germs on Groceries Killed by Rays
Housewives now can return home from shopping with germ-free groceries. A new “germ-killer,” designed for use in food stores, bathes the groceries in ultraviolet light. The unit is a plywood box with a large opening at one end. Baskets or carts of groceries, contaminated by handling, are placed in the box through the open end. Inside are three ultraviolet lamps that pour “condensed sunshine” over the foods. After 30 seconds the foods are withdrawn germ-free.