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Reaching for the moon (Jan, 1956)

Are we being too subtle with the image here? Do you think people will get it?

Reaching for the moon

Once it meant the impossible… today it’s a progress report on scientific research

Who dares call anything impossible today? Not when research scientists are constantly seeking and finding new wonders to improve the way you live.

ONLY A DREAM YESTERDAY… reality today. A generation ago, Union Carbide scientists began taking oil and natural gas apart and putting the pieces together again in ways unknown to nature.

Promise of a golden future (Mar, 1953)

Promise of a golden future
Yellow uranium ore from the Colorado Plateau is helping to bring atomic wonders to you

Long ago, Indian braves made their war paint from the colorful sandstones of the Colorado Plateau.

THEY USED URANIUM-Their brilliant yellows came from carnotite, the important uranium-bearing mineral. Early in this century, this ore supplied radium for the famous scientists, Marie and Pierre Curie, and later vanadium for special alloys and steels.
Today, this Plateau—stretching over parts of Colorado, Utah, New Mexico, and Arizona —is our chief domestic source of uranium. Here, new communities thrive; jeeps and airplanes replace the burro; Geiger counters supplant the divining rod and miner’s hunch.