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This is a really cool design, the only real problem is that you have to sell your soda at a slow and steady pace. If you sold seven bottles of one kind in a short period of time, the next one would be warm.

For cooling bottled drinks, a unique ice box consisting of a number of J-shaped chutes into which bottles are placed, one flavor for each compartment, has been patented. Ice stored in the refrigerator and covering the lower part of the chutes which curve up under the storage chamber, cools the bottles as they pass through. By pressing down on the bottles turned upside down in the delivery tubes, a fresh container appears within easy reach. It is not necessary to open the box to get out a bottle and the row of bottles is visible through a glass cover.

Typewriter Keyboard On Typesetting Machine (Mar, 1950)

Typewriter Keyboard On Typesetting Machine

Typists can now set type on Linotype and Intertype composing machines through the development of a keyboard that has the standard keys of a typewriter. Forty-four keys, electrically operated, fit over the 90 keys of a standard composing machine. The keyboard can be moved from one composing machine to another as there is no installation. The new keyboard is simply placed over the top of the existing keyboard and the unit is ready for use when it is plugged into an electrical outlet. The complete outfit weighs only 25-1/2 pounds.



To aid students of art and medicine in studying the postures of the human body, a young German sculptor has devised skeleton puppets that can be adjusted to anypose. The figures are made of aluminum, and action of their joints is patterned after that found in the human body. Like marionettes, the puppets are manipulated into the desired attitude with the aid of strings. The illustration at the left shows the inventor of the skeleton puppets viewing a pair of his creations which show all of the bones.


This is actually a really cool idea. I doubt it would be practical with the variety of modern body and wheel types, not to mention the fact that modern tires need air far less frequently, but it’s still nifty.


Putting air in the tires of your car should be a pleasure instead of a nuisance,according to Ellis E. White, of Los Angeles, who has just perfected an automatic tire inflator. To get air in the tires of his car, the driver need not get out from behind the wheel.

When his tires need air, he drives up a runway at the service station. He passes a box with a lever and a graduated scale, and with a touch of his hand he sets the lever to the number of pounds pressure he wishes in his tires.

At a certain point on the runway his wheels drop into a groove and close an electric contact, setting the intlator in action. Air nozzles advance from each side and press against special connections on the wheel’s hubs. Air flows into the tires. When the tire is full a bell rings and the air is shut off. To use the novel service, a car must have special air nipples that fit over the hub of his car’s wheels and have a pipe connection to the tire valve to complete the operation.

Phono Runs on Spring or AC (Dec, 1947)

Phono Runs on Spring or AC
One drawback to the production of AC-DC-battery phonograph portables has been the lack of motors that would operate anywhere. Capitol Records, Inc., of Hollywood, combines an AC motor and a spring-drive mechanism with a three-way amplifier to get a truly portable record player.

Many Wall Plugs Fit in One Outlet (May, 1934)

This is actually a really good idea, though I think their claim of unlimited plugs in one outlet is a little optimistic. It would be really nice if powerbricks had outlets in them.

Many Wall Plugs Fit in One Outlet
DOUBLE and triple outlet electric plugs are no longer needed. A novel wall plug now available is of such a design that another plug can be inserted right on top of it. There is no limit to the number of extension cords that can be used on one outlet.

Punch and Judy Theater Hides Camera from Children (Jul, 1942)

This is actually a really good idea.

Punch and Judy Theater Hides Camera from Children
Getting young children to pose naturally indoors for a portrait is far from easy, as many amateur photographers have discovered. If much work of this type is to be done, it pays to follow the example of successful professionals and give the children something interesting to look at. In one studio devoted to child photography, the camera is set up behind a Punch and Judy theater. The children are fascinated by the puppets and pay little or no attention to anything else, so that it is a simple matter to take their pictures.
—Lawrence Gottlieb.

Whole library in a nutshell (Feb, 1965)

Whole library in a nutshell
This latest space trick might work well with earthbound libraries. The magnifying viewer on the astronaut’s knee holds 12,000 pages of microfilmed manuals, maps, and navigation data for use in the Apollo lunar spacecraft. The film is coded and indexed so a flip of a switch puts any page on the screen in 15 seconds.

Armrest for Car (Nov, 1950)

What will those scientists think of next?

Armrest for Car
Easy-chair comfort for the car driver is provided by an adjustable armrest which hooks over the back of the front seat. The driving aid—a flexible metal bar with a sliding cushion—fits all cars. A small lever permits the foam-rubber cushion to be adjusted to the most comfortable height, then locked in place. The metal bar is covered with fabric to prevent damage to the car upholstery.

Tree Serves as Cellar (Oct, 1940)

Tree Serves as Cellar
Maintaining a temperature between forty and fifty degrees F. the year ’round, the hollow trunk of a huge maple tree serves as a fruit-storage cellar for a Redmond, Wash., family. The tree cellar has room for 400 quart fruit jars.