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When I used to buy Infocom games in the 80’s I always loved how they came with all sorts of “props” in the box. Particularly the Microscopic Space Fleet in Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.

Also, how crazy is it to see a video game ad that mentions availability for the PDP-11?


Twelve hours to find the murderer. One false move, and he kills again.

You are about to investigate one of the deadliest plots in the annals of crime. A locked door. A dead man. And 12 hours to solve the murder. That’s where you begin. Ahead of you, a treacherous web of motives and suspicion. And only by bringing your utmost skills of logic and intuition into play can you successfully solve the case.

Intellivision: Game/teacher (Jun, 1979)


Hook Intellivision to your color TV and its preprogrammed software lets you do everything from play games to learn a language. It has 60-by-92-line graphics in 16 colors. With keyboard, it’s $499. Maker: Mattel Electronics, 5150 Rosecrans Ave., Hawthorne, Calif. 90250.

Choose your course with this computerized golf game (Feb, 1980)

Choose your course with this computerized golf game

Aim, tee off—this system shows you the next lie By BILL HAWKINS

Ah, it’s a beautiful day for golf at Pebble Beach. The water’s sparkling, the sky’s blue, and the wind—oops, forgot to program in the wind. No problem, though: Just push the right buttons and a gentle, five-knot breeze blows in from the north.

No, you can’t feel it, nor can you run your fingers through the fairway water hazard before you—but you’d better take them into account before teeing up. You’ll need more than a stroke of luck to win in this new computer-controlled Par-T-Golf game.

The Wizard of Odyssey Reveals The Key to Greater Challenge. (Oct, 1982)

The Wizard of Odyssey Reveals The Key to Greater Challenge.

The Keyboard!

It makes the fun go further with Odyssey2 than any other video game. The keyboard lets you program mazes and grids. Type numbers and letters on the screen. Increase skill levels. It even lets you change opponents and fields of play!

And only Odyssey2 offers—The Master Strategy Series! Each game comes with its own game board. You use it to plan your strategy.

New 1978 Electronic Games (Jan, 1978)

New 1978 Electronic Games

A host of video and nonvideo electronic games, many using microprocessors, promises the public more stimulating fun for leisure time.


A COUPLE of years ago, an electronic video game consisted of a simple “black box” that, when connected to a TV receiver, produced little more than some version of video table tennis. In some cases today, that black box is virtually a personal computer. Now there are games whose color images try your gambling instincts at blackjack, your “destroy” capability against an enemy tank, your patience and fortitude through a maze while a “cat” attempts to devour you, your artistic talent with computer-drawn pictures, or your knowledge of math and history. And that is just the beginning in video games!