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Braving the INFERNO of a VOLCANO (Aug, 1933)

Sure, they say they’re doing research, but we all know they’re just sacrificing animals to appease the volcano gods.

Braving the INFERNO of a VOLCANO

Amazing plan to descend flaming crater hanging in cage from a derrick!

LOWERED to a depth of a thousand feet in the boiling, fume-filled crater of Mt. Mihara, near Tokio, Japan, scientists who are now carrying out an amazing program of volcanic investigations will hang in a tiny metal cage over a bubbling flood of molten lava, suspended only by a thin steel cable. Details of the device are given in the accompanying drawing. A live monkey, guinea pigs and rabbits were used in testing the toxicity of the volcano’s gases. Mt. Mikara is a favorite spot for suicides, 50 people having leaped to their death since January first.

800 feet on a Fireproof Rope Inside a Flaming Volcano (Apr, 1933)

800 feet on a Fireproof Rope Inside a Flaming Volcano

French Engineer and Scientific Explorer

A SLENDER white thread, a rope of asbestos, rose straight above my head to the edge of the cliff. Below me were boiling lava and billowing fumes. Dangling at the end of the rope.

I was being lowered 800 feet into the mouth of an active volcano!

A steel helmet protected my head from flying rocks. My suit, my shoes, my gloves, were all made of asbestos. Strapped to my back, were oxygen tanks that enabled me to breathe amid the fumes. I was realizing a scientific adventure which I had planned for years.

My friends thought I was crazy when I announced my intention to explore the crater of an active volcano, to descend the depths of its enormous pit, to photograph the infernal vent-hole while it fumed and grumbled, to go where explosions rapidly follow one another and where phenomena, still mysterious, constantly occur.