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Telecar (Jan, 1952)


BALTIMORE messengers are pulling their telegrams out of thin air. The city where Sam Morse sent the first telegraphic message over 100 years ago now has six Telecars, roving station wagons each equipped with two-way radio and a Telefax printer. When a message arrives, the dispatcher radios the driver to speed to the address. Then he wraps the message around a cylinder in the transmitter and facsimile is received in car en route.

Personal Opinion Telegram (Oct, 1982)

“Public opinion is everything.”
—Abraham Lincoln.

There is no greater force than the power of opinion. And there is no reason to be silent on important issues. It’s easy to speak out with a Western Union Personal Opinion Telegram.

For just $4.25* you can tell state or Federal officials what’s on your mind. With the speed and impact of a telegram. And we offer a special rate when you send messages to every member of the House or Senate.

Be silent no longer. Call Western Union. (The number’s in the telephone directory.)

And send for our informative booklet, “Speak and Be Heard.” Write to Rusi Patell, Dept. G10, The Western Union Telegraph Company, One Lake Street, Upper Saddle River, NJ 07458.

Personal Opinion Telegram
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