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Westinghouse Electric: How the Modern Woman Sews (Sep, 1914)

Westinghouse Electric: How the Modern Woman Sews

YOU may sometimes hear women accused of being slow to take up the modern household improvements—yet consider how many are adopting the sewing machine motor.

All that is necessary is to let women see the motor and test for themselves its superiority and ease of operation. In no case where it has been placed on her machine for demonstration has a woman permitted the removal of the Westinghouse Electric Sewing Machine Motor.

Whoa, there, You Ions… (Dec, 1930)

Whoa, there, You Ions…

Out of the mercury arc tube — that odd-shaped bubble of glass with horns at the sides and a pool of quicksilver in the bottom — has come new light on one of the electrical industry’s oldest problems.

For years research men had sought to control the arc that flashes between contacts every time a high-power electric circuit is broken. Several methods had been applied with practical results; yet the basic principles of arc formation and control remained unknown.