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WHAT’S NEW – Computers (Jul, 1984)


Advanced Personal Computer Has UNIX.

NEC Information Systems’ Advanced Personal Computer III is an IBM PC compatible offering UNIX functionality. The MS-DOS operating system and GW BASIC are standard, and the multitasking, single-user UNIX System III operating system is available with special memory-management hardware.

NEW PRODUCTS (Jul, 1956)


1. New. five-sectional, rear-view mirror permits 160° view behind, including both sides.

2. Molded from tough plastic, these doorknobs snap on shaft, are held in place by a small spring lock.

3. Antique pine finishing kit consists of stain and wood sealer in pint quantities, brush. 1/2-lb. can of wax and instructions.

NEW in SCIENCE (Jul, 1952)


Sharpnel-Proof Vest is displayed by Pfc. Ralph Barlow of Redondo Beach, California. While in front line action in Korea, Barlow was hit by shrapnel and knocked to ground, but received no serious injury. Vest stopped the metal fragment.

Bell X-5 is undergoing tests at Edwards Air Force Base in California. It is our first plane able to change the sweep of its wings in flight from the most forward position, top, to a fully sweptback position, bottom, in 30 seconds. It is jet propelled.



Hume workshop hobbyists who own drill presses will find the new auxiliary work table shown at right extremely useful. The top is made of heavy gauge steel permanently bonded to a plywood base. Fits any type drill press. Comes complete with anchor studs, threaded bushings, irregular shaping pin and special pivoting fence with wing nut clamp. Provides a large, flat working surface for all operations.

The new type slip-stream deflectors above are said to keep the car’s windshield clear of all foreign substances. Fastened in front of the windshield, they turn the airstream and dirt aside.

NEW for CHRISTMAS (Dec, 1952)



PLASTIC SHADES of Vinylite adhere directly to glass without adhesive, can be peeled oil easily. Transeal, North Ave., Plainfield, N. J.

REFRIGARRANGERS are light, durable easy-to-clean containers of Bakelite styrene for leftover foods. Valley Forge Creations. Malvern. Pa.

PANCAKE TURNER-GREASER carries a replaceable absorbent pad to grease the pan. Without pad, holes drain grease. Paul Laux. Shavertown. Pa.

STORM WINDOWS of plastic can be used on homes, farmbuildings. withstand all weather. Easy to install. Central States Bag Co., St. Louis, Mo.

New Products (Dec, 1962)

New Products


Speedy testing of filaments and heaters in all types of tubes is the function of the Sencore FC123. Nuvistors, novars, compactrons, and 10-pin tubes, as well as all of the more familiar types, can be quickly and easily checked with this device. A pair of test leads is supplied for checking CRT’s, making other continuity tests, and testing neon indicator lamps. The FC123 sells for $3.95. (Sencore, Inc., 426 S. Westgate Dr., Addison, Ill.)

LATEST INVENTIONS for Household Convenience (Sep, 1931)

LATEST INVENTIONS for Household Convenience

For health and comfort in homes, this novel humidifier which throws moisture into air in form of unheated vapor is now being marketed. Electrically driven cone spouts tiny water particles upward by centrifugal force.

Equipped with long wooden handle, this new holder lifts hot pans from stove by strong alligator-like jaws.

Scientific Novelties (Feb, 1936)

Scientific Novelties

Peacetime Tank for Swamps

• The machine at the left was built by a member of a distinguished engineering family with the idea of using it for relief in case of hurricanes or floods in the Florida Everglades.


• THE machine below shoots at balloons, but it is a camera, 16 feet long, and the longest outside astronomical observatories. It was used as another check on altitude flight.

New Commercial Inventions (Jan, 1932)

New Commercial Inventions

IF former models were built like a skyscraper, this desk is a Radio City. The lower right-hand drawer contains a special superheterodyne model, tuned from the top panel, together with a dynamic speaker. Closing the drawer automatically shuts it off. On the other side, one drawer contains a telephone and special index for convenient finding of names.

Patent Parade (Feb, 1957)

Patent Parade

• For more complete information on any of the inventions shown here, you may order copies of each original patent by sending your request with the patent number to Commissioner of Patents. Department of Commerce, Washington 25, D. C.

Enclose 25c in cash for each patent.

Racing Booster Jets. These swivelling nozzles, jetting engine exhaust gas backward and laterally (opposing centrifugal force on curves) will boost racing-car power up to 10%, says the inventor. Patent No. 2,724,450, Reinhold G. Kamps, Stuttgart-Bad Cannstatt, Germany (Assignor to Daimler-Benz, A.G., Stuttgart-Unterturkheim, Germany).