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What’s New For Your Home (Jul, 1962)

What’s New For Your Home

STAINLESS-STEEL KITCHEN CONSOLE has a fluorescent light built directly above the sink which illuminates the entire sink area and eliminates shadows. An electrical outlet is located at each end of the control pedestal containing the light. The console has a built-in spray under the water faucet. When control is set for “flood” or “spray,” the spray goes automatically into action, leaving the housewife’s hands free. Also included are remote control pop-up drains, garbage disposer, vegetable basket and cutting board. Deluxe model has power unit, food mixer, blender and electric knife sharpener. Available in five models; prices range from $271 to $443. This steel sink unit is made by Elkay Mfg. Co., 2700 S. 17th Ave., Broadview, Ill.

What’s New IN ELECTRONICS (Feb, 1980)


CB in the dark
CB can be a lifesaver—but it can also endanger your life if you’re fumbling with controls in the dark while driving. This GE Night Bright rig, however, is designed to be seen—the entire front panel lights up for a quick pick at dials when needed. It’s $149.95.

NOW SEE THIS! (Jul, 1960)


MC-5 is new McCulloch engine for karts. It has displacement of 4.9 cu. in., will turn more them 12,000 rpm. Stroke: 1.375 in.; bore: 2.125 in.: compression ratio: 6.5. It weighs ten lbs. and meets the requirements of Stock A racing. Aircraft-type carburetor is featured. The MC-5 retails for $99.50.

PEOPLE CHAIRS were designed for Alcoa’s Forecast Collection, are not commercially available. They’re aluminum outdoor furniture imaginatively fashioned to resemble the occupant. They are folded from single sheets of aluminum, coated with porcelain.

Newest Devices for the General Use (Feb, 1936)

Newest Devices for the General Use

Projector for Artists

• USED in a dark room, this simple picture projector gives a colored image which can be traced by even beginners, and does not require the blinking necessary with a “camera lucida.” It is inexpensive.

Rotating Clock

• NOVEL, and ingenious, this drum-dial clock, which is easy to read, will grace a desk or table top.

Improved Can Opener

• THIS cuts out the top as a clean round disc, and makes emptying the can more easy. The new model has a suction cup which neatly lifts the resulting sharp-edged disc. Extra leverage of handle makes cutting easier.

NEW in SCIENCE (Oct, 1954)


FOOD STERILIZER preserved packaged ham steak, hoi dogs almost two years and they’re still edible. Miniature “atom smasher” shoots electrons into wrapped food, killing bacteria. Food remains sterile because other bacteria can’t enter. Developed by High Voltage Corp.. Cambridge, Mass.

ELECTRONIC DETECTIVE. Double TV screen shows up defects in metal through use of ultrasonic sound wares. One screen shows in scale size the shape, location of defect. The other gives cross-section picture of metal showing extent of damage, also in scale. The U. S. Army is testing unique device.

What’s New IN ELECTRONICS (Jun, 1973)


Fire fighter Mounted near the carburetor of an inboard or I/O engine, the Firemaster discharges one pound of liquefied fire-fighting gas automatically if the temperature reaches 230 degrees F. $14.95 with mounting bracket. John E. Martin Sales, Penllyn Pike, Spring House, Pa. 19477.

Automatic plug Countless boats have sunk right at the dock because the drain plug was left out. Drain Check prevents this. When the water level rises above the drain, a check ball floats into position to keep the water from entering the drain tube. It’s $8.45 from DePersia, Grand Haven, Mich. 49417.

What’s New / What’s New Electronics (Jul, 1980)

What’s New

A picture roundup of new products and developments.

Advanced-design features A drag-reducing front spoiler on Volvo’s “concept” car retracts automatically at speeds under 40 mph, when it has little aerodynamic effect and could be damaged by curbs or deep snow. An electronic memory for the power-adjusted driver’s seat is another feature that may turn up in future models: Push a button (above, right) and the memory recalls seat positions for four people. The dash has small CRT’s for function and warning displays. A two-liter engine with fuel injection is turbocharged to deliver 136 hp and meet California’s emission standards.

NEW in SCIENCE (Jul, 1950)

Remember folks, nothing is more scientific than a birdhouse. Except maybe a shoe.


Fit for King are some of the abodes illustrated above. Well, for a feathered one, anyway. The incentive for the building boom was the 14th annual Detroit News birdhouse contest and 1500 of them were displayed at the Travel and Sport Show in Detroit recently. With home styles ranging all the way from a football to a three-story pagoda, the birdies certainly can’t complain of a housing shortage. Among the most unusual ones, shown here, were the little wooden locomotive, the boot topped by a roof and chimney, and the leather wigwam. Unfortunately no one has yet asked the birds how they feel about the whole idea.

WHAT’S NEW For Your Home (Mar, 1948)

WHAT’S NEW For Your Home

A four-page “shopping section” dedicated to modern homemakers

LIGHTWEIGHT LAWN MOWER weighs 19 pounds and cuts to within one inch of walls. Rear rollers spin blades

SELF-WRINGING MOP has a cellulose sponge that folds like a book when sleeve on the handle is pushed. It mops without splatter and wipes dry

WHAT’S NEW (Feb, 1947)


FOR SMOKERS. A new pipe has an adjustable air valve; Gentle Mfg. Co., 2222 Myrtle Ave., Detroit 8. Pipe cleaners are packed in a continuous roll; NuPak Pipe Cleaner Co., 11908 Ventura Blvd., North Hollywood, Calif.

ALUMINUM SASH will soon be available to builders. These lightweight windows are easy to open and close—and can even be removed and taken to the bathtub or the kitchen sink for washing.

DRY SHAVER shears off beard bristles as perforated drum rolls across face. In the short time it has been on the market, Vestpok has won many friends. Made by Ward Machine Co., 966 Main St., Brockton, Mass.