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What’s New IN ELECTRONICS (Mar, 1980)



Coded alarm

Walk within 50 feet of Radio Shack’s RF intrusion-alarm system and you’d better know the four-digit code to silence it. Not even a power failure will stop it from standing sentry in your home—it has a built-in battery backup. The Safehouse Alarm is $179.95.

Mobile computer

Route Commander is a totally portable computer system designed for on-the-road sales and delivery persons. It balances the books and keeps track of inventory, tolls, and parking; comes with keyboard, display, and printer. Norand, 550 Second St. S.E., Cedar Rapids, la. 52401.

What’s New IN ELECTRONICS (Nov, 1979)

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Digital voice
When this phone-answering machine talks to you, the voice you hear—up to 24 seconds of it—has been stored in a digital memory, not on a prerecorded tape. The technique makes the unit simpler, more compact. Maker: DFG, 3550 Marburg, Frauenbergstr. 35, Germany.

WHAT’S NEW FOR YOUR ’57 HOME (Dec, 1956)


Low-cost prefabricated closet and storage unit, doubles also as room divider. Made by Fabricators Inc., South Norwalk, Conn.

Folding doors made from wood are available in birch, oak, pine or Philippine mahogany veneer. By Rolscreen Company, Pella, Iowa.

What’s New (Jul, 1966)

What’s New

TOGETHERNESS by the tubful is the latest in bathroom decor. Twin tubs were designed by Gerald and Phyllis Yellin, a Manhasset N. Y. couple who believe that cleanliness is being next to your spouse.

MUSIC typewriter has 46 characters and can copy almost any kind of musical notation. Photo shows inventor Lily Pavey of Britain using the Imperial Pavey Musigraph.

WHAT’S NEW (Feb, 1970)



Available in black, white, and psychedelic swirls to accommodate every taste, the Call Girl shown here is a working phone marketed by Classics Inc., 241 N. Broadway, Milwaukee, Wis. 53202. Fits over your home phone. Black or white models are $40, psychedelic $50. Should be a big hit with the Missus.


A new, collapsible motorcycle has been developed by the Honda company. When the pieces are put together, it is an all-purpose lightweight bike. When you’re ready to go home, the “Dax 70” can be taken apart and carried in your car trunk- VOLKSWAGEN’S MEDI-CAR PLAN.

What’s New for Your Home (Feb, 1954)

It’s the bedazzler!

What’s New for Your Home

1. FAT FILTER purifies and freshens cooking grease for repeated use. The filter consists of an aluminum unit that fits over shortening containers, and a chemically treated filter. The chemical counteracts fatty , acids which cause fats to turn rancid. The filter is finely woven to trap all foreign particles

2. GEM SETTER that works like a stapler permits anyone to set rhinestones or pearls in fabric. Easy and economical to use, the device works on the same principle as professional machines. A dozen complete sets of rhinestones and settings are included, and refills of rhinestones or pearls are also available

What’s New in Modern Living (Mar, 1945)

What’s New in Modern Living

SOYBEAN SHOE PATCHES for resoling footwear at home are spread on worn spots on soles and pressed in with an iron. The material comes in the form of dough. It is manufactured by Elliot E. Simpson Co., of New York.

PLASTIC-COVERED HEELS for women’s shoes are available in dull or glossy finish and in a variety of colors. These nonscuff heels, made by Pereles Bros., Inc., of Milwaukee, have wood cores that take leather lifts.

What’s New for Your Home (Aug, 1950)

What’s New for Your Home

READERS-IN-BED can read for hours without back or neck kinks by reclining on a back rest that’s hinged to the headboard. Sliding up and down like a window sash, it adjusts to any tilt Between uses, it swings back into the headboard

FAN BRACKET lets you aim the breeze where you like, even down into a tray of ice to cool the air. Its wide legs increase stability

LIPSTICK “matches” at right, won’t burn, but they will make milady sparkle. A tiny mirror inside the flap makes her retouching precise

What’s New for Your Home (Nov, 1950)

What’s New for Your Home

SHOWER STALL can be set up wherever there are running water and a drain. It can be connected by garden hose. Attached to the wall with screws, the stall is made splashproof by a wrap-around curtain

HAIR DRIER is an attachment for a new vacuum cleaner. With it, you can dry your hair quickly without heat. The upright is adjustable for height

LIKE SHRIMPS? You can clean them quickly with a daggerlike plastic utensil that separates shell from meat with a single thrust

What’s New For Your Home (Aug, 1954)

What’s New For Your Home

1. CONTOUR-BED MECHANISM is available in sizes to fit all standard beds. Two 1/4-horsepower motors raise or lower the head or foot to the desired position. Toggle switches within reach of a bedfast person operate the mechanism. Special mattresses, either foam rubber or innerspring, are available for the bed

2. WEATHER STRIPPING for casement windows is a metal strip that just slips into place over the frame of the window without screws or nails. One form of the stripping is applied to the head and lock side, another to the hinge side and sill. There’s a packaged set for standard windows or you can buy any length

3. “SNOW-ICE” sealed inside a plastic bag is frozen in your refrigerator or home freezer, then used to keep perishables fresh and cold during picnics and other outings. The material can be refrozen as many times as desired. You also can use it to keep foods cold while defrosting a refrigerator or home freezer