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Wire Recorder Saves Time by Handling Data on Photographs (Dec, 1950)

Wire Recorder Saves Time by Handling Data on Photographs

Photographers who do considerable work in the field can save time by using a wire recorder to keep track of pertinent information. Details and remarks can be recorded in a moment and then edited later when time is available. The recorder is set up in the front seat of the car, and the necessary 110-volt a.c. is supplied by a war-surplus converter carried in the trunk.

Robert H. Horn, Yakima, Wash.

SOUND ON A SPOOL (Aug, 1945)

Turns out that there were two drawbacks to using wire.  Although playable today they had a tendency to tangle leading to breaks.  Second, due to the short period recorders were made the equipment to play them back is very rare according the this Library of Congress webpage.


Now you can record anything you want to— easily and cheaply.


HAVE you ever wanted to recapture a radio program—a great symphony, a historic speech, or perhaps a new tune that has been eluding your memory? The chances are that you have never been able to do it because recording equipment has always been so costly and complicated.

The modern wire recorder has changed the amateur recording outlook entirely, however. It is now possible to record anything you like at a cost of only a few pennies or a full hour’s recording.