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by Jerry Pournelle

The lord of the Manor visits his favorite computer show.

The West Coast Computer Faire is my favorite computer show; how can a big publishing company like Prentice-Hall put it on the way Jim Warren did?

Of course it can’t and it didn’t, but in justice. Jim Warren wouldn’t have been able to keep it up. either. For better or worse, the micro industry has changed. Oh, sure, there are still some pretty good products for sale in the little booths along the walls, but there were fewer than in the old days for the simple reason that the big outfits also have a lot of incredible new stuff, and it’s a lot harder for a newcomer to compete.

ZENITH presents another HEARING TRIUMPH! (Jun, 1958)

ZENITH presents another HEARING TRIUMPH!



Proof again that model for model, and feature for feature . . . you can’t buy better quality and performance at any price!

Zenith Leadership! Compare the performance and beauty of Zenith’s newest Eyeglass Hearing Aid. Lightweight, no clothing noise or dangling cords. Use the telephone at ear level. Unit available for either ear.

“Both ear” hearing! Ideal for many people .. . buy a unit for each ear for added realism, clarity and direction of sound.

Ten transistorized models! Zenith has a specialized unit for every type of hearing loss correctable electronically… made to meet quality standards that have made Zenith the world’s largest manufacturer of hearing aids.

Zenith Handcrafted TVs (Apr, 1965)

This ad pretty much sums up why there are no more American television manufacturers. They are actually advertising the fact that they don’t use circuit boards and that all of their electronics are hand assembled!

BUILT BETTER… to last longer!

Every Zenith portable TV is Handcrafted —built better to last longer. There are no printed circuits. No production shortcuts. Every connection is carefully handwired. This kind of dedication to quality has made Zenith America’s largest selling TV. It is one of the important reasons why Zenith TV gives you finer performance. Fewer service problems. Greater operating dependability. And a sharper, clearer picture, year after year. Don’t settle for less than Zenith—the Handcrafted TV.

The quality goes in before the name goes on

Early Pay Per View TV (Oct, 1947)

It’s comforting to know that the media industry’s fascination with screwing their customers by telling them how they can use their own TVs is nothing new.

Pay-as-You-Look Television
“Phone vision,” developed by Zenith Radio Corporation, offers paying television audiences the cream of latest stage plays and movies. A combination home receiver brings in free programs as usual. Special features reach it partly by air, partly by phone line. Blurred when viewed alone (above, right), the radio image becomes clearer (left) with key frequencies received by phone. “Admission charges” go on phone bill.

I’M VERY DEAF BUT I HEAR Everything (Mar, 1950)

Yes, and I’m very blind, but I can see everything.


Everything with My New
Don’t let deafness kill the joys of living. Let a Zenith home trial prove you, too, can even hear a whisper. Here’s Zenith’s amazing guarantee—if any $200.00 hearing aid outperforms Zenith’s newest, tiny, 6.75 oz. single-unit “Miniature” Ra-dionic Hearing Aid in efficiency or economy, your money back—under our 10-Day Return Privilege. Only $75.00 complete, ready to wear. For authorized Zenith Hearing Aid Dealer in your locality, consult your classified telephone book; or write us for complete coast-to-coast dealer list. Free descriptive literature on request. Address—
Zenith Radio Corporation, Hearing Aid Division Dept. 391, 5801 W. Dickens Ave., Chicago 39, III.
Makers of World Famous Zenith Radio, FM and Television Sets