Take your pick of the litter. (May, 1982)

I love the idea of having a phone handset hanging off the side of an Apple II.

Take your pick of the litter.

When you’re ready to let your computer out and introduce it to the rest of the world, one of the Cat family of Modems is the way to do it.

Take your pick. You can’t go wrong They’re all purebreds—from Novation, the recognized world leader in personal communications.

Cat Acoustic Modem

Fast, accurate, reliable originate/answer modem— with built-in diagnostics. Just add your computer and phone. Then dial up the world $189**

Super Mike

Replace your phone’s carbon mike with Super Mike. No more carbon granule problems. Making things perfectly clear has never been so easy.



Answers automatically and stores data in your computer until you’re ready The world’s first LSI 103 modem. State-of-the-art, all digital, crystal controlled direct connect.

You’re off the hook for under $250**

Apple-Cat II

Major breakthrough—the intelligent modem Slips into your Apple. All auto functions, selectable baud rates, Serial RS-232 port, BSR X-10 controller*** easy-to-use self-prompting format Other options available.

From $389** including software


Get the performance and reliability of a direct connect modem (up to 20dB improvement) with the portability and price of an acoustic Use it at home. Use it at work. Truly unique. So’s the price $199**

Call for details: (800) 423-5410
In California (213) 996-5060
Available from Avnet Electronics, Hamilton Electro, Hamilton Avnet, Kierulff Electronics, Byte Shops, Computerland, and your local computer store.
Novation, Inc., 18664 Oxnard Street, Tarzana, California 91356

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  1. Toronto says: April 15, 20138:18 am

    These are “103” modems – 300 baud.

    The “super mike” was a great idea – I remember upgrading some acoustic-coupled modems (1200 bps) with the equivalent of these. They were the backup to our direct lines in the late 1980s – I ran X.25 PAD muxes over them in a pinch.

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