“Talkies” Heard Through Bones In First Theater for Deaf (Jul, 1935)

“Talkies” Heard Through Bones In First Theater for Deaf

WHAT is claimed to be the only theater in the world offering talking picture entertainment for the deaf is now operating in Chicago.

Hearing is made possible by an “oscillator” which literally enables the hard-of-hearing to “listen” through their bones. Every seat in the Chicago theater is equipped with the new device. Devised by Dr. Hugo Lieber, of New York, the unusual instrument is no larger than a sugar lump. It is attached to the end of a lorgnette handle and can easily be hidden in the palm of the hand. Pressure of the oscillator against any bone of the skull permits the sound waves to travel through the bony structure of the body to the middle ear. A tiny rheostat on the connecting cord regulates volume in proportion to the listener’s deafness.

Those of sound hearing also may attend the theater and are in no way annoyed by the operation of the oscillator. There are no loud or discordant noises to distract those with normal hearing.

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