BRITISH politicians have seized on the talking movie as a novel means of waging their campaigns in the general elections soon to come before the public. The photograph shows a London crowd listening to an open-air movie speech on a street-corner. These exhibitions, of course, are free to the public, and the novel method always succeeds in attracting an audience. Politicians prefer this system to talking on a soap box, since it not only prevents them from being annoyed by hecklers, but also permits them to be in a number of places at the same time.

Each political party has its own “talkies” located at strategic spots. The one in the picture, as may be told by the sign, has been established by the Conservative party.

  1. Charlene says: February 2, 20104:31 pm

    Also handy for the Two Minutes Hate.

  2. Sean says: February 2, 20105:10 pm

    FOX beta! Let’s see the early MSNBC.

  3. Firebrand38 says: February 2, 20108:02 pm

    Sean: Oh yeah, because we all know how objective and apolitical MSNBC is…..

  4. Don says: February 3, 20109:54 am

    Talking head. I guess that’s where that term originated . . . .

  5. Sean says: February 3, 201011:06 am

    My apologies if I was not clear. Certainly no one in their right mind would hold up MSNBC as a paragon of balance. It’s certainly the left-wing counterpart to FOX. I wanted to see “Liberal Cinema” or some such on the next street down.

  6. rick says: February 3, 20103:46 pm

    The photo looks like a 1930s version of the Apple “1984” Supebowl commercial, only the zombies are wearing hats.


  7. Paul says: February 4, 201012:13 pm

    BB! BB! BB!

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