Tamed Humming-birds Sip Honey (Jun, 1934)

Tamed Humming-birds Sip Honey

TRAINING humming-birds to sip honey from his lips is the unusual accomplishment of Ralph Ayer, a farmer living near Eastonville, Colorado. These tiny birds have heretofore been considered untamable.

Perfume bottles filled with honey and flowers first attracted the birds. They now return each year.

  1. Torgo says: March 4, 20091:11 am

    Oh come on! Humming birds just go after anything red. If you wear a red shirt they buzz all around you. I doubt this bird is tame, it’s just ignoring the guy.

  2. Rick Auricchio says: March 4, 20091:24 am

    Stupid Pet Tricks, circa 1934. Maybe Stupid Human Tricks.

  3. Don says: March 4, 20092:11 pm

    After my dad retired to live in the woods in northern MN, he taught chickadees to take sunflower seeds from his outstretched palm and then from between his lips; he would have chickadees swarming around him whenever he went for a walk . . . .

  4. MrG says: March 4, 20095:46 pm

    I’m reading a (fairly technical) book about pollinators and it says that there are some people who have painted on lipstick, took a mouthful of sweet wine, and then stood next to a hummingbird feeder with their lips pursed. The hummingbirds would drink right out of their mouth.

    My dad, who is a relaxed sort, once simply stood near a feeder with his hand held out and a hummingbird decided to roost on his hand.

  5. slim says: March 4, 20095:46 pm

    Humming birds are brave little buggers. I think they know they can out maneuver anything that tried to touch them.

  6. MrG says: March 4, 20095:56 pm

    When they’re swarming around the feeder they don’t pay anyone much mind. They’ll fly around your head well within an arm’s reach. Our reaction times must seem glacial to them. Cheers — MrG / http://www.vectorsite.n…

  7. StanFlouride says: March 4, 20099:37 pm

    I think Mr Ayers is wearing bright red lipstick (and those eyelashes look suspiciously long and full).

  8. alan whiteman says: July 4, 20103:04 pm

    1992/3:Gran canaria;tree with green?grey-blue Humming Birds,

    -almost invisible-few saw them
    next visit,them and their tree had gone
    —no explanation.
    There are no Humming Birds on
    any of the islands
    ?-were they Yours . . .
    islands lost something,for me
    . . . . .regards Alan

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