Tan gloriously (Jun, 1954)

Tan gloriously

Now get a lovelier, smoother tan… faster… with Skol’s exclusive formula

You can be a sun-goddess without a care… get the most strikingly beautiful tan of your life, when you smooth on marvelous new-formula Skol. Two recent dermatological discoveries—used only in Skol—scientifically screen out the rays that scorch and burn… filter in all the tanning rays to turn your skin a lovely, tawny tan.

This new Skol formula lets you play in the sun hours longer—tan faster, more safely and comfortably. Non-greasy, non-oily Skol doesn’t pick up sand. Also in plastic bottles.

Used by more people than any other suntan lotion

  1. Hirudinea says: October 1, 201212:49 pm

    Isn’t “Skol” a Scandinavian toast?

  2. JediaKyrol says: October 1, 20122:12 pm

    they also made a bug spray…called “Skat” weird names.

  3. Toronto says: October 1, 20123:04 pm

    “Skol” is/was a beer, too.

  4. Stephen says: October 2, 20126:34 am

    What is the difference between the “rays that scorch and burn” (ultra-violet) and the “tanning rays” (also ultra-violet)?

  5. quadibloc says: October 2, 20124:27 pm

    There is quite a difference between the deepest violet visible light and the softest of soft X-rays. Ultraviolet light is everything in between, and so the shorter wavelengths of ultraviolet light are more dangerous.

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