Tangee PRESENTS “BRIGHT ‘N CLEAR” (Jun, 1954)

Um… so… yeah… moving right along…

the brightest jewel of all can be your lips…


Tangee’s newest lipstick shade—BRIGHT ‘N CLEAR is the brightest,clearest, most dazzling red on record. It is exactly the color and lipstick America’s leading beauty authorities say smart women should wear. And — exciting miracle! — here is an indelible-type Lipstick that actually stays BRIGHT X CLEAR for hours and hours. It will not dry your lips . . . will not go dull and lifeless even alter blotting. So start your BRIGHT X CLEAR future today!

a new shade… a true shade… a just-right-for-you shade!

  1. Repack Rider says: February 4, 200912:34 am

    But I thought subliminal advertising was bunk!

  2. Charlene says: February 4, 20091:01 am

    Ah, the good old days, when everything was soooo clean…

  3. Al Bear says: February 4, 20091:27 am

    Red Rocket!

  4. Steve J. says: February 4, 200910:44 am

    Looking at the ’54 cover, when women appeared to have the same dimensions as a lot of car bumpers of the same era, also reminds me of what a sweet and inocent time it was. “You’ll poke yer eye out,kid!”

  5. MrG says: February 4, 20091:54 pm

    I saw some stuff that was clearly subliminal advertising in the old days: “Why is the woman strategically holding a lemon over her breast?” “Gee, that arrangement of the French bread and canteloupe in the bag is kind of suggestive, isn’t it?” But the CLAM-PLATE ORGY stuff was overblown. I keep looking for subliminal stuff in ads but if it’s there any more it’s subtle. Cheers — MrG / http://gvgpd.proboards….

  6. Eliyahu says: February 4, 20097:05 pm

    Nothing subliminal about this one. Just downright sexually suggestive.

  7. John M. Hanna says: February 4, 200911:32 pm

    Paging Dr. Freud!

  8. Barb says: March 6, 20101:19 pm

    Oh, now, Dr Freud himself would say “Sometimes a lipstick is just a lipstick.” 😉

  9. Susan says: May 21, 201010:27 pm

    what year is this ‘tangee bright and clear’ lipstick ad with the woman smelling the lipstick from ?

  10. Firebrand38 says: May 21, 201010:55 pm

    You see that “1954” at the top of the post?

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