Tank Walks Tight Rope of Bridge Piles (Aug, 1939)

Tank Walks Tight Rope of Bridge Piles
Like a Gargantuan beast stalking along a giant’s tight rope, an armored Russian tank is pictured in the unusual photograph above crossing a stream by rumbling over the tops of the piles of a dismantled bridge. The shot was made during the filming of a motion picture built around the activities of the Red Army, for release as part of a celebration marking the twenty-first anniversary of the founding of the Soviet fighting forces.

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  1. Stannous says: September 13, 20069:17 pm

    This is amazing!!
    Think about what could go wrong: the treads are no more than
    12-15 inches wide, the stumps maybe 20″ wide, probably damp and obviously war-damaged.
    They must be lined up perfectly, just the right distance apart, and if even one is loose the tank gets trapped. (not forgetting that getting your vehicle trapped as a member of the Soviet Red Army would have definite ‘frigid’ consequences)
    I found a pic of one here:

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