Tattletale computer tells driving faults (Oct, 1968)

Tattletale computer tells driving faults

The computer has been adapted to do an important job of youth education—driver training. The new system was engineered by Raytheon for use in the Aetna Drivotrainer [PS, May ’53]. It has three elements—simulated cars, a movie screen, and a console for an instructor, all fitted neatly into a classroom in a specially outfitted trailer. Monitoring individual student performance, the computer flashes word to the instructor when an error is made in driving down a road on the screen.

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  1. Jari says: January 26, 20111:48 pm

    Here’s two pictures of earlier version of Drivotrainer: http://www.gettyimages….. As a bonus, select one of the images and press “Search for more images like this” you’ll get to see a lot of eccentric cars etc.

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