Taxi of the Future (Feb, 1946)

Taxi of the Future as sketched by industrial designers Martial and Scull, will maneuver more easily in city traffic and be cheaper to use. This one holds 4 or 5 people and has sliding doors, and outside indicator to show when it is not being used. Another marked improvement is a shorter wheelbase, giving it a narrower turning radius.

  1. Eamonn says: July 27, 20096:38 pm

    That’s a pretty accurate prediction. Although the picture makes it look a little screwy. Only two doors on a taxi?

  2. hans says: July 27, 20096:41 pm

    AND it makes a swell bumper car.

  3. Toronto says: July 27, 200910:30 pm

    It appears the driver is a factory installed option, since he doesn’t get a door.

  4. rsterling78 says: July 28, 200912:04 am

    If a car design was based on a man’s Red Wing shoe…

  5. Beagledad says: July 31, 20091:46 pm

    Hey–it’s a minivan! Family car and not a taxi, but that was a pretty good guess–better than what I’d come up with to predict how people will travel 40 years from now.

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