Taxidermy is New Field for Home Craftsmen (Nov, 1933)

Not to be nitpicky, but Taxidermy was hardly a new field in 1933.

Taxidermy is New Field for Home Craftsmen

TAXIDERMY, an art fast growing in popularity, is opening a new field of interest to the home workshop fan and revealing a new source of ornamentation for household articles.

The many useful articles that are built by the home craftsman can be ornamented with mounted birds and animals, thus adding new interest and charm to commonplace objects.

Lamps, book-ends, door-stops, hat-racks, picture frames, gun-racks, are a few of the objects that lend themselves well to ornamentation. When decorated with taxidermy work, they immediately possess new life, interest and attractiveness.

The most common of birds and animals are employed in taxidermy. Squirrels, rabbits, frogs, pigeons, in fact, any easily secured specimens may be converted into highly interesting, useful or humorous creations. In the accompanying photographs

are shown a specimen of the unique and ornamental art-pieces that attract instant attention and bring the out-of-doors atmosphere into the den, library or nursery.

Not only is taxidermy a fascinating hobby for the home craftsman, but it is a source of income for those who go into it deep enough to learn to turn out artistic pieces. As wild game has grown scarcer, and the open season restricted more and more, the true sportsmen have turned in increasing numbers to the taxidermist to preserve their trophies.

Creating groups of common animals to represent human situations is one of the most popular departments of novelty taxidermy. A pointed example of this is presented in the photo of the squirrels getting married. It is easy for the ingenious workshop fan to imagine many similar creations.

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  1. ann. says: January 9, 20083:10 am

    I think the headline means taxidermy is relatively unexplored by the DIY craftsman, Stuff Your Own Spot and all that.

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