Tear Gas Gun for the Wrist (Dec, 1932)

Tear Gas Gun for the Wrist
A TEAR gas gun effective enough to rout a gang of payroll bandits and small enough to be concealed in a coat sleeve has been invented by Elmer Carlstrom of Chicago, a retired policeman. The gun is worn strapped to the wrist, as shown in the photo below. A piece of catgut, flesh colored and invisible at a glance, is stretched between a ring on the wearer’s finger and the trigger of the gun. The hand can be moved freely in any normal position, but bending the wrist sharply will discharge the weapon. Leather under the muzzle protects the wearer’s arm from being burned by discharge of the gas.

  1. daniela says: October 13, 20079:55 pm

    are these for sale anywhere?thanku,daniela

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  3. michelle says: March 30, 20106:14 am

    i think this page has alot of information on it because it helped me do apapper on tear gas i am in 8th grade and i got a A+ on my paper.

    thanks form your lovelly michelle

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