Tear Gas Gun on Wrist Is Fired by Finger Ring Trigger (Dec, 1932)

Tear Gas Gun on Wrist Is Fired by Finger Ring Trigger
Shot by a trigger worn as a finger ring, a wrist gun that belches out clouds of tear gas has been designed for the protection of clerks, cash-iers and payroll messengers. The little gun, with its muzzle pointing forward, is strapped to the wrist where it is hidden by the coat sleeve. A thread of flesh-colored catgut, invisible at a glance, connects a ring worn on the second finger with a trip that releases the gas. The hand can be moved about freely, but when the wrist is bent suddenly at a sharp angle, the gas is discharged. To protect the wearer’s arm from being burned by the gas, the skin under the muzzle of the gun is covered by a wide band of leather. A retired Chicago, 111., policeman is the inventor of the new anti-holdup gun.

  1. fluffy says: August 10, 20077:15 pm

    Sure, as long as you never have to bend that finger over the course of doing normal job-related functions…

  2. Blurgle says: August 10, 20079:15 pm

    Hercule Poirot just teargassed Dr. Watson!

  3. Stannous says: August 11, 20079:10 am

    And while you’re raising your wrist the guy puts 3 in your chest.

  4. davros says: August 12, 20078:23 pm

    whatever you do do not scratch you nose

    and jock itch could end in a world of pain

  5. Didace says: August 31, 200712:55 pm

    You have to be careful shaking hands with it, that’s all.

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