Tear Gas Trap for Cash Registers (Dec, 1932)

Tear Gas Trap for Cash Registers

A NEW device used to spread tear gas has been invented for cash. registers. It is called a “money trap” and discharges a dense cloud of gas into the thief’s face when he tries to rifle the till.

Formed and painted to duplicate a dollar bill, the box-like compartment fits snugly into the cash drawer. Upon its face is a clamp under which the regular bills are placed. When these are removed, the tension on a spring loosens, allowing a lever to snap up and release the gas. It shoots out in a steady spray through an elongated slit on the face of the trap near the right hand corner. The victim is overcome and easily captured by the police.

In use, the “gas trap” is set each night before the proprietor retires. It also proves serviceable during the day, since it will blind a hold-up man.

  1. Charlene says: December 8, 20113:30 am

    Something similar used to be used in banks before the advent of constantly running video surveillance. The spring trap would contain not a $1 bill but a bunch of $50 bills: once the money was pulled out, and the teller was told to take that money out first if robbed, the cameras would spring to life.

  2. Hirudinea says: December 8, 20113:51 pm

    @ Charlene – I’ve heard of that bank trigger too, but I thought it just sent a silent alarm to the cops.

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