Teen-Age Smoke-Eaters (Jun, 1955)

Teen-Age Smoke-Eaters

SINCE the mass resignation of the adult volunteer fire department of Spencer, W. Va. (pop. 3,500), the town’s fire-fighting force has been manned by high school students who regard it as a school activity, resign after commencement. For 13 years Spencer’s fire chiefs have been youths who are natural leaders like John Lowther, the present chief, whose firemen are all under 19. Recognizing that a man’s a man when he acts like one has meant lower insurance rates in Spencer since 1942.

  1. LightningRose says: June 8, 201111:51 am

    I’m curious as to why the adults all quit en masse.

  2. Mike says: June 8, 20116:29 pm

    As long as the fires didn’t occur during school hours or breaks everything was fine.

  3. danman says: June 8, 201110:27 pm

    The war? It was 1942…the able-bodied likely went into service or into the mines to supply the war effort.

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